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Renault are already already 50% focused on 2021

Renault are already already 50% focused on 2021



Renault are already already 50% focused on 2021

Renault are already already 50% focused on 2021

Renault engine boss says that the French manufacturer are already fifty percent focuses on their 2021 car even before the 2020 season has turned a wheel.

Regulations have remained fairly stable from 2019 into 2020 and, as a result, the majority of the field will see evolutionary cars rather than revolutionary.

Flash forward twelve months to 2021, and the situation will be the complete opposite. Drastic aerodynamic changes as well as the new 18-inch wheels will see the grid look like alien cousins of the current crop.

With this in mind, Renault have chosen to split their resources early in order to best achieve success in 2021.

"I’m not revealing a big secret when I say that 50 percent of our resources are already aimed at 2021,” Engine Technical Director Remi Taffin told Auto Motor und Sport.

Taffin is looking even further forwards however. The next set of engine regulation changes are expected for 2025 and Taffin isn't so certain that the internal combustion engine will be left behind.

“Many people are talking the combustion engine into the grave, but I think it has a long future,” he continued.

“Look at our current engine. We do a very good job of burning the fuel as efficiently as possible. The problem is that we market what we have achieved very poorly.

“But the engines are not only so efficient because of the hybrid part. The combustion engine also provides a big part of that, and we should make that clearer.

“The question for the future will be whether we should increase the hybrid part or prefer to go with environmentally-friendly fuels."


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