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Verstappen 'was never going to give up victory' says Horner

Verstappen 'was never going to give up victory' says Horner



Verstappen 'was never going to give up victory' says Horner

Verstappen 'was never going to give up victory' says Horner

A clearly delighted Christian Horner paid tribute to Max Verstappen following his thrilling victory in the Brazil Grand Prix.

The Dutchman pitted following a safety car near the end of the race to get past Lewis Hamilton and drove on to victory, with former team-mate Pierre Gasly, now back at Toro Rosso, landing in second spot.

Hamilton also collided with Alex Albon to cost the Red Bull driver his potential place on the podium and speaking to Sky Sports after the finale, Horner explained that Max's determination for victory led to his superb finish, whilst also paying tribute to Albon's drive - and poor fortune.

He said: "It was a fantastic race. He was not going to give up that win today. He had the benefit of the new set of tyres and he really used that on the out lap and he was able to take the lead early again. 

"I'm gutted for Alex [Albon]. I told him his time's going to come and it's a drive to be proud of, he made a move on some experienced world champions there and his time will come."

On the incident with Albon, Hamilton accepted full responsibility after the race for making contact with the Red Bull, and when asked to give his opinion, Horner felt that the world champion's move into the apex was 'half-hearted'.

He added: "It's a deceptive corner because that is the racing line that Alex is on and Lewis has made a bit of a half-hearted attempt up the inside.

"The contact's been made and he's had to wait until right until the end of the queue, but it's just looked like a half-hearted effort."

Finally, Horner commented on the display of Gasly, who appeared in tears as he exited his car in second, holding off Lewis Hamilton going over the finish line.

He said: "In that environment [Toro Rosso], there's been less pressure, the car is a little easier to drive, and he's driving brilliantly and it's great for him and great for his confidence.

"It's great for Toro Rosso too, and it was great to see them get that result today."

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