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Vettel-Leclerc fallout could happen again, admits Ferrari

Vettel-Leclerc fallout could happen again, admits Ferrari



Vettel-Leclerc fallout could happen again, admits Ferrari

Vettel-Leclerc fallout could happen again, admits Ferrari

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto admits he may be powerless to prevent further acrimony between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Vettel ignored team orders in Sochi a fortnight ago, having benefitted from Leclerc following a pre-race plan which saw him take the lead from the Monegasque while towing past him and Lewis Hamilton off the line.

The controversy eventually petered out as Vettel retired from the race, but the German's actions, and Leclerc's simmering response, remained the race's endearing image, prompting Binotto to hold talks with both separately at Maranello ahead of this week's event in Japan.

"It's not the first time we are speaking in Maranello," Binotto said of his talks with the two drivers.

"It's true that I met both of them this week, they were in Maranello for some activities, simulator etcetera.

"I think we had positive, constructive, honest, fair, transparent discussions with both of them, individuals.

"I think what happened in Sochi, nothing really bad but certainly something that needs to be improved and addressed and I think it's only an opportunity of lesson learned and trying to do better in the future.

"But how much I'm confident it will not happen, I'm not at all.

"I think these are both very good drivers. They are all going for a single objective which is winning themselves but I think what again is more important is that at least we between us we've got clarity and fairness and I think that's key."

Ferrari had to take matters into their own hands in Sochi, leaving Vettel out on work tyres until Leclerc had made up enough ground to overtake him after the German was serviced.

"No, no I don't think there is the risk of losing control because there is a difference between not managing drivers and at least having the intent to manage them.

"There is always a solution which is not manage them, maybe someone may do so, I think our intention is to try to manage the situation to the benefit of the team and secondly to the benefit, overall, as well, of the drivers.

"We may do a few things that can be addressed or improved and I think that is what we are building and trying to do for the future."

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