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Leclerc: No number 1 at Ferrari

Leclerc: No number 1 at Ferrari



Leclerc: No number 1 at Ferrari

Leclerc: No number 1 at Ferrari

Charles Leclerc says he and Sebastian Vettel will continue to assist each other, rubbishing suggestions that he will become the Scuderia's number one driver.

Vettel began the year with "priority" over Leclerc bestowed from team principal Mattia Binotto.

However, the Monegasque's victories in Belgium and Italy moved him above his teammate in the standings, with Vettel's error and scoreless finish in Monza continuing a rut that has dragged on for more than a year.

Although the win in Italy captured the imagination of Ferrari's Tifosi and the wider F1 fandom, Leclerc says it has not altered the relationship between himself and Vettel.

"From the outside I don't know if it looks different or whatever. From the inside of [the team] it's very balanced," Leclerc said.

"There have been situations in the past where I've helped Sebastian, some others where Seb helped me, and I think that's the way forward for the team.

"The team is doing everything for its benefit and I think that's the most important. We are here to perform at our best which is what we try to do. But at the end I'm very happy the way the team is at the moment."

Leclerc was forgiven by Binotto following his victory at Monza, likely due to the events of Saturday's qualifying, when he took pole as a result of Vettel not receiving a tow in Q3.

The 21-year-old says it is not a sign of any impending ruthlessness from his side.

"To be a team player always pays off at the end of the day," he said. "Because also the team is doing everything for us too.

"Obviously if you have got one driver that is egoist and just look at himself, [it] is not is not great, then there may be some situations where you need to look a little bit more at yourself. But I think that you need just need to find the right balance."


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