Horner: 2018 engine regulations 'nuts'

Wednesday, 10 january 2018, 08:10 , by Matthew Scott

Red Bull chief Christian Horner has insisted it would be 'horrible' to see the 2018 driver and constructor championship decided on grid penalties, describing the three-engine limit for the season regulation implemented by Liberty Media for the upcoming campaign as 'nuts'.

Liberty Media have been owners of Formula One for around a year now and have already started their attempts to modernise the sport with a variety of changes including the standardisation of engine parts and a new limit of three engines per season.

Due to the limit, grid penalties are likely to be on the increase in 2018 and Horner says it would be 'horrible' if the championship was ultimately decided on these fines.

"There will be plenty of grid penalties in 2018, What you'd hate to see is a championship decided on grid penalties. Getting to the point with three engines in 21 races, it is nuts really," said told Channel 4.

"Contrary to whatever Toto [Wolff] says, his non-executive chairman [Niki Lauda] was arguing for four engines earlier in the year because it is a false economy. Those engines go on a world tour, they are here anyway, and for more races, less engines, it as I say a false economy, and it would be horrible to see a championship decided on engine penalties."

McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne notched up an incredible 400 grid penalties between them last season and with the engines limited, as well as even more races in 2018, Horner has lamented the small amount of parts allowed.

"You're still burning these engines up on the dyno, but the reality is it doesn't save any money," Horner continued.

"These grid penalties, I don't think anybody particularly likes seeing them to the extent that they're happening at the moment.

"We want to see the guys out on the track. Obviously don't throw caution to the wind with costs, but for me five engines for a 21-race championship would be a more sensible and logical number."

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  • Sean Karen Kennedy
    They will be all driving around with engines turned down. It's bad enough with all the fuel saving I want full 100% racing lights to flag.
  • Andy Hall
    3 engines for a whole season is insane May aswell leave some teams in Australia, they'll be relegated that far back
  • Dave Bellamy
    Kind of funny, talking about engines and engine reliability, and showing a picture of a Honda engine
  • Robert Tanielian
    Cancel the engines & keep formula e it's gonna be boring anyway
  • Paul Davidson
    Yes it will have a big say in who wins.. It's F1 not endurance racing
  • Paul Brown
    Too late, the Yanks have it and will kill it

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