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Verstappen: Honda must take more risk

Verstappen: Honda must take more risk



Verstappen: Honda must take more risk

Verstappen: Honda must take more risk

Max Verstappen has called on Honda to take more risks with its power unit as Red Bull try to keep momentum running through the 2019 season and into 2020.

Verstappen will be fitted with the Japanese manufacturer's latest upgrade for the Italian Grand Prix, and will have the chance to test it out fully as he fights through from the back of the grid.

In an exploratory run in Saturday's qualifying, however, Verstappen suffered a loss of power, later revealed to have been linked to a safety device in the engine triggered when the Dutchman ran over a kerb and got too much wheelspin.

"The engine has no damage, but at that moment it didn't deliver the extra power," he told De Telegraaf . "However, you hardly ever use it in the race."

Verstappen won two of the four races immediately before the summer break and his victory in Austria, fighting back through the field after a poor launch, had much to do with Dr Helmut Marko convincing Honda to open up the taps on Verstappen's engine.

Although the Dutchman appreciates the greater reliability Honda's failsafes can deliver, he says the time has come to loosen the shackles.

"Sometimes we are a bit too safe," he said. "Something in the software shuts it down when you go to the limit.

"This has ensured that we have not had any problems with the engine, but sometimes I think there is a bit more risk that can be taken."


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