Liberty want to create 'video game' F1 cars

Wednesday, 10 january 2018, 06:17 , by Matthew Scott

Formula One's managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn has excitedly insisted that Liberty Media plan to make F1 vehicles seem like 'video game' designs in the future, and also reserved praise for constructor team's addition of the halo device whilst still making the cars look pretty.

Liberty Media have implemented plenty of controversial changes since taking over ownership of F1 last year, and this includes the introduction of the halo which is in place to protect the heads of drivers from potential falling debris.

The start of the 2017 campaign saw the cars become wider and longer, and there have been many critics of the new design, with the main negative being the aesthetic look of the chassis.

Brawn went on to claim that some of the new designs were 'sensational' even with the halo device, and revealed that the ultimate goal was to create cars which looked like they were from a 'video game'.

“We are presenting to teams some ideas but once we’ve gone through that phase I’d love to share it with the media because I think we’ve made some sensational-looking cars,” Brawn told Sky Sports F1.

“We’ve done some great work looking to integrate the Halo because right now it looks like it has just been stuck on, which it quite literally has, but we’ve had some designers working on the aesthetics of the car for some time.

“The cars have got to look great, they’ve got to look almost like derivatives of video games and evolve in a way whereby the video games take inspiration from Formula 1 and not the other way around. I think we’ll have some great looking cars in the future.”

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  • Niklas W√§hrborg
    "and there have been many critics of the new design".. wait what? Where are sll these critics? Characteristics, yes, but design?
  • Michael Haskey
    The designer's need more freedom Think of the Tyrrell P34 6 Wheeler or the Brabham Fan car.
  • Dave Bellamy
    So now video game styled F1 cars instead of aerodynamic styled cars?
  • Manuel Salgado Palacios
    I hope to be alive when they reach a level of F-Zero's series.
  • Elizeu Santos
    It's reality? Or the possibilty of the unreality? #2018 #XXI
  • Brandon Elam
    Or Wipeout XL
  • Edwin Gill
    Will they be EA style?
  • Paul McLauchlin
    RIP F1.

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