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Russell comments on potential move to Mercedes in 2020

Russell comments on potential move to Mercedes in 2020



Russell comments on potential move to Mercedes in 2020

Russell comments on potential move to Mercedes in 2020

George Russell says he is leaving the ‘political’ conversations regarding his future between Mercedes and Williams, but insists he would love the opportunity to driver a championship-winning car.

This week, Claire Williams revealed that she had spoken to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff with regards to Russell, who is currently a member of the team’s young driver programme. She insisted that her driver was going “nowhere” and that he would honour his three-year contract.

With the future of Valtteri Bottas still unclear, and with Esteban Ocon thrown into the mix, too, the partner for Lewis Hamilton for 2020 currently remains a mystery.

Russell refuses to give too much away when commenting on the situation, and thinks it is best to leave such talks between management.

"I think any driver would love the opportunity to drive in the championship-winning car. That would be absolutely stupid to go against that," said the Brit.

"I think right here, right now, I am fully focused on the job, and I will leave the political stuff to Mercedes and Williams to discuss.

"But if I want to be in a championship-winning car, all I need to focus on is doing the job at hand.

"The fact is I’m contracted to Williams, and the fact is that I’m a Mercedes junior driver. Those are the two facts. I don’t really get into the contractual nitty-gritty things.

"From my side, I’m learning so much here at Williams. I am still thoroughly enjoying being an F1 driver and the development process and everything. But the fact is every driver wants to win races and wants the opportunity to win championships.

"There’s no disrespect or hard feelings from Williams’ perspective when I say I want to be in a championship-winning car, because who doesn’t?"

When asked before the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend if he though a promotion to Mercedes would happen soon, he was skeptical.

"The fact is Mercedes keep an eye on everyone. With Valtteri, with Esteban, with myself - we are the Mercedes drivers," Russell added.

"Personally, I’d say very, very unlikely, but everything is always possible in Formula 1. This sport changes by the day, and you’ve seen this always.

"I wouldn’t really like to say anything more than that really."

Russell partners Robert Kubica for the 2019 season, with Williams standing at dead-last in the constructors’ championship.


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