Alonso: Leclerc can end Mercedes dominance

Wednesday, 06 february 2019, 08:08 , by Matthew Scott

Fernando Alonso has backed Charles Leclerc to break Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton's stranglehold over Formula 1 after graduating to Ferrari's senior squad. Much is expected of Leclerc, who will become the Scuderia's second-youngest race driver when he starts the Australian Grand Prix.

Mercedes have won the drivers' and constructors' championship in each of the past five seasons, having dominated since F1's switch to V6 Hybrid power units in 2014.

The run of five double title triumphs matches the record set by Ferrari between 2000 and 2004, when Michael Schumacher was at the wheel – a run ended by Alonso and Renault.

With Sebastian Vettel having fallen short of Hamilton in the past two seasons, Alonso has backed Leclerc to do what his new four-time world champion teammate cannot and get the better of the Silver Arrows.

Alonso told Corriere della Sera: "He is young, intelligent, and talented. I'm curious to see if the Mercedes cycle will end. I feel that the moment is near.

"I believe he has the combination of character and talent."

Asked what advice he would give to the Monegasque, Alonso highlighted three key points to bear in mind.

He explained: "Learn to score points [regularly], to help the team, and remember that the World Championship is decided between July and September.

"Don't be in a hurry and keep the excitement and emotion under control."

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Comments (36)

  • Jonathon Bellamy
    Hamilton will win title this year provided the car is up to the standard that it was in the past 7 races. If it is up to the standard of the first 14, however, I believe LeClerc and Verstappen may finish above Lewis in that order this year. It depends heavily on momentum and the cars but we shall see. Should be a fascinating season to come. Loads of talented drivers on the grid.
  • Laurence Barnes
    Too much hype, round Charles, Gasly, Honda and RB, Hamilton's possibility to reach Schumi's records, all of this is just speculations FFS, let's wait this out n see what happens. Ur battle tales place on the track not in articles AMD FB posts.
  • Saad Volkov Miri
    You cant judge him. He has a great talent but it depends on his experience and the way he'll react under pressure. He has passed by many experiences in his life such the death of his father and I guess he wouldn't crack under pressure.
  • Jay Wright
    Haven't really been dominant over the past 2 years..but I can agree on this..think leclerc is definetly can take the fight to Hamilton and Mercedes.. coming from a huge Mercedes and Hamilton fan aha
  • James Lewis
    Well I believe this more than Vettel. His Red Bull dominance was hardly convincing of him being such a 'Legendary' racer.
  • Mark Jackson
    It will probably take him 3 or 4 races to understand the car so realistically 5th probably.
  • Don Garner
    Leclerc will end the career of Arrivebene's successor....the era of LeCrash.
  • Andrew Moore
    About 4th looking forward to more Brits racing and what Ricardo and Kubica can do.
  • Luke Maddox
    Hamilton absolutely smashed you in the same car as a rookie get off the crack
  • Dave Nelson
    "Leclerc will finish above Vettel in the 2019 standings."
  • Fab Teidy Ricio
    Man Alonso really cant let go of 2010 huh
  • Josip Maji?
    First place is reserved, he may be the best od the rest
  • Farrukh Zaidi
    Seb will prove everyone wrong in 2019. Apart from his fans.
  • Mitch Curry
    3rd.. If the team lets him. One hell of a steerer
  • Corey Christensen
    Sure Leclerc could, but too bad Ferrari can't...
  • Társio Sagges Venâncio
    Alonso always screwing with Vettel kkk
  • Lee Bowen
    2nd after hamilton but deffo before vettel
  • Roger Thegel
    Everything better than 4th is sensational!
  • Matt Knight
    2nd by 11 points- you heard it here first
  • Juba Kadi
    4th or 5th

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