Vettel and Ferrari 'deserve' 2019 title - Wehrlein

Thuesday, 05 february 2019, 07:28 , by Martin Macdonald

Current Formula E and Ferrari simulator driver Pascal Wehrlein wants to work as hard as possible in his new role with the team in order to help Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari finally break the dominance of Mercedes and win the championship because they "deserve it".

Ferrari recently announced that Wehrlein would work in the simulator for them alongside former Toro Rosso driver Brendon Hartley, and the German, who is friends with Vettel, wants to help the Scuderia claim their first title in over a decade.

"It makes me extremely proud. It's an honour for me to work for Ferrari," he told Auto Bild.

"I've been to Maranello and I've felt a mood there that I've never experienced before. Ferrari is just something very special.

"I will do my utmost to help Sebastian Vettel and the entire Ferrari team to win the world championship. They deserve it."

Four-time world champion Vettel is believed to have campaigned for his compatriot to get the role, which will run alongside his duties within Formula E.

Simulator drivers are often underestimated in F1, but Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto said they are actually "extremely important".

"They can basically be compared to the test drivers of yesterday, as testing is extremely limited today," he said.

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Comments (12)

  • Stephen Moore
    No, the driver/team who wins the title at the end of the season is the one who deserves to win it because they have. Lewis doesn't make the mistakes Seb does and Merc dont make the mistakes Ferrari do. I can only agree with Michael Zachmeyer, earn it.
  • Jason Burkinshaw
    Says the man mercedes dropped. They would have had both titles last year if seb and the team hadn’t have made so many mistakes.
  • Mark Hornsby
    FFS, the season hasn't even begun, how does he know what they will deserve come Abu Dhabi in December. Stop brownnosing.
  • Martin Hossell
    And he was part of that Mercedes dominance (in the background) last year
  • Daniele Monno
    Ferrari deserve a talented driver, not cry baby vettel.
  • Michael Zachmeyer
    No one deserves shit! Things must be earned.
  • Dan Dailey
    Deserve is earned if you don’t know...
  • Ashley Hamilton Dodson
    Princess Pascal would know.
  • Steven Hoepel
    He is upset with Mercedes
  • Lionel Carl M
    Sagar Sheth new moron

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