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Max Verstappen's plan to fix F1's on-track problems

Max Verstappen's plan to fix F1's on-track problems



Max Verstappen's plan to fix F1's on-track problems

Max Verstappen's plan to fix F1's on-track problems

Max Verstappen believes having a sole individual at the head of Formula 1 with the power to make regulations, and then sticking to a set framework for longer period of time would help address the imbalances currently lamented in the sport.

Verstappen is among the drivers to have lost out the most amid a regulation tweak in 2019 as Red Bull have fallen away from Ferrari and, particularly, Mercedes.

The Dutchman ended 2019 as arguably the former driver on the grid, but is yet to truly contend for a victory in 2019, which has seen the Silver Arrows win all seven races so far.

With an agreement reportedly close for another planned shake-up in 2021, Verstappen can understand recent reporting that the changes may not be as grand as Liberty media might have hoped.

"You know what it is, everyone's talking for themselves," said Verstappen.

"Mercedes is of course very happy with these regulations. In their view little needs to be changed. And teams who are not doing so well at the moment, they of course want different regulations, but then maybe they have a smaller say in this.

"If you have a Ferrari engine as a customer team, you are with Ferrari, and if you are a customer team at Mercedes, then you are with Mercedes. There is so much politics behind this. There should be just one person at the FOM or the FIA who says: 'OK guys, this is it'.

"One team will always do a better job with the rules than the others.

"In the end, I think it's better if you keep the rules the same for a long period of time, because then everything comes together.

"At some point you just have to say: these are the rules and we will stick to these for the next ten years. And after five or six years you will see that it will be really close together.

"I also think that if we would have left the rules alone last year, with the front wings and all that, it would have been closer together now."

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