Pochettino likens Tottenham's Premier League plight to Alonso and Hamilton in F1

Saturday, 02 february 2019, 06:56 , by Martin Macdonald

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Mauricio Pochettino has compared his team's efforts to maintain a Premier League challenge despite an array of disruptions this season to Fernando Alonso not having the correct tools, or car, to challenge Lewis Hamilton for Formula 1 titles.

Spurs' current season has been disrupted by injuries to key players, no transfer activity, and a lengthy delay in moving to their new multi-million-pound stadium, with Wembley once again being used as their ground for home fixtures. However, they still find themselves in the mix at the top the table behind Liverpool in first and Manchester City in second.

Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, is recognised as one of the most talented drivers in the history of F1, but in recent seasons he has been lingering in midtable or lower in the driver rankings, with McLaren unable to provide a competitive car.

Pochettino reckons the two scenarios can be compared, saying both Spurs and Alonso would potentially win things if they had the resources of Man City, Liverpool, or in Alonso's case - Lewis Hamilton.

"When you work in football, it's because you want to win," the Argentine said.

"When you are a player the only thing you want is to win. You can be a winner but if you don't have the tools to win, it's difficult. If you have the car to win and you are good, then you win.

"If you have the same car as another who is good, then one is going to win and the other is going to lose.

"Take the example of Fernando Alonso and compare with Hamilton. If you put Hamilton in McLaren last season and Alonso in Mercedes, it's the same result: Hamilton at the bottom and Alonso at the top.

"I always put the same example. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the best drivers in Formula One."

Pochettino ultimately thinks that if Alonso and Hamilton were to swap cars and teams, the Spaniard would be champion.

"But if you put Hamilton in McLaren last season and Alonso in Mercedes, it's the same history, Hamilton on the bottom and Alonso on the top. That's the reality.

"Where did Alonso finish last season with McLaren? I follow Formula One. I love McLaren. But it wasn't competitive last season. That's the reality, no? But do you think that's a problem with Alonso or a problem with the car?"

Alonso retired from F1 at the conclusion of the 2018 season, and will compete in the Indianapolis 500 in May.

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  • Amaury J Abreu M
    SI seria campeón con el mismo coche, Existe solo un detalle..... Si son compañeros de escuderia Hamilton seria el campeón sin duda como ya se demostró una vez en el 2007, Alonso es bueno pero no mejor que Lewis Hamilton y mucho menos el mejor.... No olviden eso..
  • Paulo Silva
    Hamilton is OVERRATED. Hasnt got the the team mate in the same machinery pressuring him cause Toto ordered Bottas to be a good doggie and obey the master. And Mercedes have by far the best package with the Pirellis.
  • Stephen Moore
    Of course he would, and in vettels Ferrari he'd have beat Lewis in the Merc.
  • Michael Mondor
    Most drivers would have won 4 straight in that car , less of a few of the back markers
  • Laurence Barnes
    Of course he would, he drove that shit Mclaren to places OT had no right to be in.
  • Dave Freeman
    Alonso would have been champion last year with Hamiton's or Vettel's car
  • Pranay Dawne
    Forget Hamilton's car Alonso would be champion in Vettel's car
  • Paul Albin
    Would Hamilton be champion if he'd had Alonso's car?
  • J.D. Martin
    Most any driver in F1 would have been champion in the Mercedes.
  • Johnson M
    He’d have done it in Red Suit!
  • Perry Pinder
    Stupid question really.. of course
  • Steven Miller
    If Lewis was still in the other Merc, then nope.
  • Lia Loyz
    Poche, pliz ask Bottas that question
  • Scott Spieler
  • Ciprian Radu
    Could have been
  • Anesto Cazoe
    He, JPM Max
  • Elena Pettinelli
    No doubts.
  • Owain Balling
    Andrew Cook
  • Peter Sweeney
    Ryan O Hagan ???

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