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F1 entrance fees for 2019 revealed

F1 entrance fees for 2019 revealed



F1 entrance fees for 2019 revealed

F1 entrance fees for 2019 revealed

Formula 1 teams are required to pay a sum of money before the start of the season, based on their performance the previous year. The entrance fee for Mercedes has increased this year, even though they had fewer points than in 2017. How is that possible?

On top of a base fee of $546,133, the Silver Arrows will pay $6,553 per point, taking their total to $4,838,348 for 2019, having amassed 655 points in 2018.

Mercedes scored more points in 2017 (668), but paid just $4.6m to enter F1 in 2018. The increase in the amount comes from the fact that the contribution is linked to the US consumer price index.

The remaining nine teams pay $5,450 per point.

Racing Point enjoy a slight advantage as a result of last year's takeover. Since, the points obtained by the previous Force India entity were cancelled, the entrance fee for Racing Point is a lot lower compared to last year.

Formula 1 entrance fees - 2019 vs. 2018 figures in millions of dollars.

Mercedes: 4.84 / 4.65
Ferrari: 3.66 / 3.21
Red Bull: 2.83 / 2.42
Renault: 1.21 / 0.81
Hare: 1.05 / 0.76
McLaren: 0, 88 / 0.67
Racing Point: 0.83 / 1.48
Sauber: 0.81 / 0.54
Toro Rosso: 0.73 / 0.79
Williams: 0.58 / 0.94

(Figures via Motorsport-total.com)


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