Hamilton lacks Vettel's 'dedication' - Rosberg

Thursday, 10 january 2019, 05:51 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel has "a devotion" that Lewis Hamilton lacks when it comes to working closely with his engineers, according to the world champion's former Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg. Rosberg battled Hamilton for F1 dominance for three seasons between 2014-2016, retiring after he was finally crowned world champion.

Vettel has long had a reputation for taking a great interest in the setup of his car and spending lots of time in the garage on grand prix weekends.

Rosberg claims that the same cannot be said of Hamilton, although the Briton is generally quick to credit his team for the work they have done to assist his four drivers' championship wins in the last five years.

"Vettel is superior in terms of dedication to work, he works closely with the engineers," Rosberg told Autosprint. "It is a devotion that Hamilton does not have."

Vettel suffered an error-strewn 2018 as Hamilton once again scaled the heights to win his fifth drivers' title.

Rosberg says all is not lot for the Ferrari man, explaining how he bounced back from a similar campaign to taste glory in 2016.

He added: "I do not know exactly what happened to him but this is sport sometimes it seems everything is going in the right direction, then you just need one mistake to bring you down, you lose confidence and everything goes wrong.

"The same thing happened to me against Hamilton in 2015.

"With Lewis I needed to change my attitude, I decided that I had to be the one to lead the game. Lewis always tends to impose his rules but I took control so as not to allow him to find the motivation. And I won."

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  • Jeremy Dyer
    and the salty Hamilton fans come back out of hiding...
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    Nico so smart he won 1 championship and lewis won alot more
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    Rosberg go away no one's interested in your opinion you bell end
  • Don Garner
    ....and Vettel lacks Hamilton's talent.......game, set, match.
  • Mike Clarkson
    Says the 1 time world champion who then ran away - twat!
  • Tom Kilgore
    Rosberg’s opinion is irrelevant. He quit.
  • Jed Powell
    The Irony of that quote from Rosberg ???
  • Kenneth Petrie
    Ha ha. I think the results speak for themselves.
  • Gary Mathrick
    Cue all the Shamilton fan whinges
  • Tom Oldridge
    Oh fuck off rosberg
  • Mark Kovach
    But he has more titles. Hmmm
  • Orayver Ologe
    I disagree
  • Nuno Pedro
    What a cheatpussy
  • Chris Galaxy
    He wins more
  • Alexander King
    Rosberg is being an Ass. .
  • Mark Chamberlain
    But he ain’t crashing
  • Sabin Vicol
    Piss off Rosberg, you sod!
  • Glenn Taylor
    Nico sucks dicks
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    Is this clown still bitching?

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