Red Bull suffered from 'lack of commitment' from Renault

Thuesday, 18 december 2018, 05:23 , by Martin Macdonald

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes that, although he has complete respect for the Renault workers on the frontline in the garage, he ultimately believes his team, and the employees of Renault, were let down by a "lack of commitment" from the management of the French manufacturer.

In the 2018 season, Red Bull and Renault regularly clashed due to periods of unreliable engines during races, with the decision eventually made by the former to ditch Renault in favour of Honda for 2019 moving forward.

Horner thinks that Renault did provide some race-contending power units, but it was all too rare, saying that the higher-ups of the engine provider didn't commit to the project enough.

"Credit where credit is due," Horner told

"In Mexico we were provided with an engine that was capable of winning, as we were in Austria and China.

"We were lucky in Monaco, even without an MGU-K. Any other circuit and we would have been stuffed. I have total admiration for the Renault guys in the garage that are working their socks off, week in, week out.

"But I think they've ultimately been let down by the main house's lack of commitment to development and reliability.

Horner believes that one of the main issues for the lack of consistency is that engine parts were continually swapped from unit to unit.

"I think too often you see parts being taken from one engine to go onto another…that's been too much of a theme over the whole hybrid era, and that must compromise dyno time, that must compromise endurance running, and so on," the Brit continued.

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Comments (11)

  • Karl Davy
    oh my ... i believe he just chucked his dummy out of his pram i remember such articles from mclaren befor they switched to honda and i suspect crashstappen and ghastly to be in full pr mode very much like button and alonso was during the pre season !! u lost one of the best drivers to the engine u dumped ... clearly he knew something .... but hey i suspected daniel sees it how i do hes swapping a 3rd place team for the new 3rd place team !!
  • Dave Newson
    I’m rapidly losing all respect for Christian Horner, FFS we get it, you fell out, you’ve got a divorce, now move on with your Japanese friends or are you trying to disguise the fact that you may have made the wrong decision and lost one of best drivers on the grid, get on with your job Christian and build a winning team again
  • Karl Davy
    and as for being provided with engines capable of winning ... and u admit you did ... its kinda flawed by the fact engines have to last 7 races so if an engine wins 1 race in that 7 then its capable of winning the other 6 !!!!
  • Mark Connolly
    Lack of commitment really they have had more success as an engine supplier to the winning constructor since 1990 Honda 2 Mercedes and Ferrari 7 each and Renault 12. Shut up Horner
  • Steven Miller
    Renault be like: "We gave the exact same commitment that won four consecutive championships, what you've lacked since then is a dodgy diffuser..."
  • Valerie R. Bowles
    Yeah well, Daniel Ricciardo suffered from lack of commitment from Red Bull. Fuck Red Bull. They deserve the child.
  • David Barrera
    Good luck Honda! I wonder how long it will take for the blame game to begin.
  • James Wolford
    Renault suffered from ‘lack of commitment’ from Red Bull
  • Joshua Maunder
    RBR suffered because Horner is a horrible team boss. Simple.
  • Simon Blondeau
    Just hope they do tend up like BAR Honda

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