'Ferrari did more for Raikkonen than Vettel'

Monday, 03 december 2018, 08:13 , by Matthew Scott

Bernie Ecclestone has once again suggested Ferrari did not do enough to aid Sebastian Vettel's title fight against Lewis Hamilton in 2018, suggesting that the German is "a victim not the culprit" in the Scuderia's failure to secure either individual or team honours.

Vettel came up short to Hamilton for a second year in succession, despite looking a heavy favourite to beat Hamilton to title number five as Ferrari delivered a car capable of outpacing Mercedes' in the middle of the season.

However, a string of on-track errors – most notably sliding out of a German GP he was leading – was compounded by strategy missteps, while Hamilton put together a dominant end to the year to secure the title.

Ecclestone says the mid-season death of former president Sergio Marchionne let Ferrari in "chaos", with Vettel the one to pay the price.

"Lewis Hamilton is a deserved 2018 F1 champion and Vettel an undeserved second in the championship," Ecclestone told Auto Bild.

"Lewis was outstanding this year but he also had the full support of the team. You can't say that for Sebastian.

"After Marchionne's death, a strong hand was missing and there was more chaos than structure.

"From the outside, you had the impression that Ferrari did more for Kimi than for Sebastian.

"Sebastian is a victim not the culprit.

"If Vettel had the same support like Lewis, Vettel would have also become champion this year.

"A team needs to strengthen their star driver not weaken him."

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  • Juby Yaphets Pis
    I do agree! In Monza they should have told Kimi to let Vettel pass in the first corner just like Mercedes does! Watch the start of Austria for exemple where Bottas had pole and Hamilton 2nd, Bottas didn't even try to block Hamilton and let him pass directly! In Monza Raikkonen clearly defended his pole! I love Kimi and he is my favorite driver but he should have let Vettel pass! In Germany Vettel made a mistake yeah but before the mistake Vettel was first and Raikkonen pitted early to jump a Red bull he came out ahead of Vettel after the first pit spots and Vettel had like 10 laps fresher tyres! they waited so much before to swap position and Vettel had a smaller gap to Hamilton because of that! For me Ferrari are more to blame than Vettel! Give Vettel a wingman like Bottas and he would have won the championship this year too and Ferrari wasn't the faster car btw, they had the best engine maybe but not the fast car :)
  • Vikrant Rao
    Seb made mistakes which cost him starting with Germany where he was leading. Somehow, after that he seems to have lost his focus in the rest of the season. At Monza, I was surprised to see Kimi 'aggressively' defend the first corner but the nature of that corner is such that, if he hadn't, he would've lost more than one position. I feel, if Seb had not spun the team would've asked him to let Seb through soon after later as Kimi gained his pole as a result of the tow he got form Seb during qualis anyway. However, I feel F1 is poorer with all this talk about it being a team sport. Fact is, unless there is a clear photo-finish it makes no sense to have team orders bec the same rationale will begin to be applied as soon as the second race of the year is done. Finally, as Kimi said, he can only drive one car at a time...
  • James Wolford
    Vettel did it to himself, he panics every time something isn’t going his way. Quite the opposite of Kimi. The only driver that has screwed up more is Max. Lewis and Kimi didn’t put themselves in those situations, yea they pushed themselves into difficult positions but they didn’t push it if it wasn’t going to pan out. Well Kimi did at Monza, burnt his tires up and payed for it, s didn’t do it again though.
  • Steven Miller
    What, you mean they treated their second driver reasonably well for the first time in 20 years? Shocking display. Eventually, everybody is going to have to swallow their pride and accept that the guy in the best car got beaten by a better driver, which caused him to flap and cost himself even more of his advantage.
  • Anju Chacko
    I think that though Vettel did himself no favours with his frequent crashes , Ferrari also gave up on him too early. Why else would Ferrari still rotate the advantage gained in qualifying especially on tracks like Italy where such strategies really mattered.
  • Oliver Fabian
    They favored Vettel every time he was in a position to be favored and Kimi supported Vettel every time he had the chance. Really don't know what Bernie is talking about here.
  • Jonathan Carre
    It was a combination of bad timing with certain decisions from Ferrari, some shockingly bad strategy calls from Ferrari, and some mistakes from Seb. No one thing was to blame.
  • Karl Davy
    lol vettal lost because he fucked up not once not twice not even three times ... a hell of alot more than that i have it pegged at 7 mistakes that cost him points
  • Rafi Qureshi
    Bernie is always high Vettel will never win a championship again unless he has the fastest car and every other car is 2 secs behind per lap. His time is over!
  • Rob Bird
    Not true at all, Ferrari have been fair this season letting Seb and Kimi race. They made the bad calls not their drivers and they’ve admitted that
  • Jim McCafferty
    Didn't he win the special prize for best kept tires and zero dirty air? (and sadly, I'm a fan)
  • Barbara Gouin
    Why doesn't Bernie keep his nose out he is nothing to do with F1 anymore we do not need his opinion
  • Henk Poolen
    You need the back-up from the team .the team must be relaxt and ferarri isnt relaxt
  • Chris Matthews
    Sebastian "mistake" Vettel stuffed his chance at the title all by himself!!
  • Kenny Mayeaux
    Vettle shit the bed in the rain its just that simple
  • Firas Helou
    Please stop this bullshit ! Vettek lost because of his own errors !
  • Dave Newson
    Well he was their last world champion!!
  • Sybrand Swart
    Bernie must be smoking something
  • Luisa Guevara
    Bernie have problems and serious
  • Scott Armstrong
    This page hates Kimi It’s pathetic

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