Bottas doesn't want Rosberg advice on beating Hamilton

Monday, 03 december 2018, 06:50 , by Matthew Scott

Valtteri Bottas says he will not ask Nico Rosberg for advice on how to beat Lewis Hamilton as the Finn gears up for a 2019 campaign that will be decisive for his Mercedes future. Bottas went winless through 2018 and a repeat is unlikely to help his long-term prospects in the tea, with Esteban Ocon lurking in reserve.

Bottas became just the third driver in the 21st Century to go winless in a championship car across a season after Rubens Barrichello in 2001 for Ferrari and Mark Webber with Red Bull in 2013.

Rosberg beat Hamilton to title glory in 2016, one of just two occasions in 12 seasons that Hamilton has finished a season behind his teammate in the drivers' standings after Jenson button outscored him at McLaren in 2011.

The German, who retired immediately after his triumph to pave the way for Bottas' arrival, remains a regular presence in the paddock, but Bottas does not see the value in seeking him out advice on getting the better of this five-time world champion teammate.

Asked if he could approach Rosberg for advice, Bottas said: "No, because every person and every athlete is completely different.

"I have to find my own way to be the best version of me – as a driver and as a person.

"This sport is funny. You never know what will happen in the future."

Likely victories slipped through Bottas' fingers in China and Azerbaijan in the early stages of the year – an untimely safety car and last-gasp puncture to blame.

But the Finn could not maintain his form and a third chance to win in 2018 was taken away when Mercedes ordered him to let Hamilton through for victory in Russia to aid the Brit's pursuit of a fifth world title and team boss Toto Wolff has admitted concerns over the mental damage done in the process.

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  • Abrar RW
    All the arm chair critics in this post maybe didn’t actually watch F1 during the Rosberg merc years. He was still beating Lewis on many weekends. Even when neither had car issues. Bottas isn’t even coming close.
  • Karl Davy
    i want to know advice rosberg could give other than sticking suger in the fuel tank so lewis as reliability issues
  • Amin Kallel
    I wonder what kind of advices rosberg could be providing: keep you hands folded and pray that Lewis engine blows ?
  • Doli Ete
    I didn't think anyone could be more sissy than Rosberg... Vagina Bottas proved me wrong...
  • Simon Sosa
    Only time Lewis has lost out to a teammate is when he has had horrible reliability.
  • Jason Doyle
    Like with Jenson Button, it was Lewis's car that beat him, not the teammate
  • Lars Holst
    If he are on the way to win, he will be ordret to slow down and let Hamilton pass.
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    He is not allowed by contract, not even think, to win Hamilton!!
  • Rab Ferrier
    No point in getting advice as james will just tell him to move again
  • Rafael Fernando
    Brainwashed... and I thought all Finns have a balls
  • Johnson M
    Cuz he signed the contract as Second Driver, so he’ll be second.
  • Eliot Fraser
    Pray that his car breaks down, and you too may beat him.
  • Don Garner
    There is a simple answer
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    The only advise should be... ... Don't listen to Totto.
  • Stacey Robinson
    I always think nico deserves more respect than he gets!
  • Rui Rocha
    Why does the wingman need advice to finish second?
  • Mike Liatto
    Whine till they let you win. Lol
  • Kevin Broderick
    Apparently VB77 is happy being the "wingman"!
  • Amaury J Abreu M
    Malasia 2017
  • Amaury J Abreu M
    Malaysia 2016........

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