Tost admits there could be 'problems' between Verstappen and Gasly

Thuesday, 27 november 2018, 09:46 , by Martin Macdonald

Toro Rosso chief Franz Tost is expecting a fruitful partnership between Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly at Red Bull over the coming seasons, but reckons there will be "problems" sooner or later between the duo such as their individual desire to win.

Red Bull were forced into action to find a new driver for 2019 when Daniel Ricciardo announced he would be leaving the team in favour of Renault, and Gasly was the man they identified as his replacement, with his promotion from Toro Rosso quickly confirmed.

Verstappen, in particular, is known for his aggressive style on the track and recently got into a physical confrontation with Esteban Ocon after a race, while Gasly has been known to be extremely competitive also.

Tost thinks the pair will get along eventually, but there could be issues in co-existing.

"I expect it will be a good partnership," the Toro Rosso boss said in Abu Dhabi.

"Both drivers want to be successful and there will also be earlier or later problems over there [at Red Bull] during a race.

"But that is normal in Formula One. Drivers are fighting for positions and both driver want to have success. But I expect, as both drivers are professional, they will sort it out in the best possible way."

Gasly has impressed in his rookie season in F1, gaining 29 points, and Tost thinks the Frenchman has did a good enough job to warrant the promotion.

"Pierre is really doing a good job," he said.

"He improved a lot as the season went on and I am really happy with him."

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  • James Wolford
    They should just get rid of 2 car teams, the only positive is for constructor points. Either they are allowed to compete against each other until they get together then they aren’t allowed to compete or they just aren’t allowed to compete against the other and have to give up positions to there team mate
  • Joey Bridges
    There's problem with verstappen and everyone in the field. Everyone in the pits. Everyone in the paddock. We all have seen how things work out with a co driver far better than pierre. Not too good.
  • Robert DeCastro
    I'm excited for the 2019 many drivers switched teams..meaning Merc will win again. In not a Merc fan...but realistically..Lewis will win his 6th championship.
  • Sue Stevenson
    Some people like to stir things up don't they? Most team pairings don't get on and it's hardly surprising!
  • Mark Ustby
    They can't decide who is the top and who is the bottom.
  • Jody Harrison
    There relationship could be gastly....
  • Patty Tropea
    Dunno.. Verstappen is so arrogant..
  • Andrew Jackman
    Shit Storm comin
  • Steffen Møller Sørensen
    Kasper Møller Mikkelsenen

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