VIDEO: Hulkenberg flipped upside down in horror crash!

Sunday, 25 november 2018, 08:18 , by Matthew Scott

Nico Hulkenberg was involved in a scary crash on the first lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as a clip with Romain Grosjean flipped him upside down and into the barriers. Thankfully, Hulkenberg was able to walk away from the accident.

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Comments (14)

  • Jacques Chansavang
    grosjean really really need to learn how to drive. Whatever he says, he is involved into too many crashes ! Vas apprendre à conduire avant de blâmer les autres
  • Steven Miller
    Thank goodness the halo didn't prevent Hulkenberg from getting out quickly..........
  • Tim Gildersleeve
    Horror crash? No. Not at all. Sophias crash last weekend was horrific.
  • James Stothard
    Wouldn't really call it a horror crash, it was a really slow corner
  • Daniel Blackburn
    Halo did the job it was made to do..
  • Debbie Kelly
    Holy crap! Glad to see the driver is ok.
  • David Thomas Morse
    Horror crash lol
  • Nato McEboy
    Glad he's fine.. that shit is scary
  • Luke Fidler
  • Marjorie Brassart
    Glad to see he's ok!
  • Carol Purple Smith
    Glad he's ok
  • Bryan Falcon
    Useless halo
  • Paul Doyle
    Where's the Horror??

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