Giovinazzi leads calls for rear view cameras to be added to F1 cars

Sunday, 04 november 2018, 05:58 , by Martin Macdonald

2019 Sauber recruit Antonio Giovinazzi has led calls for rear view cameras to be installed into F1 cars as standard, after drivers have criticised the inadequate mirrors that have led to Kevin Magnussen claiming that it is like 'driving blind'.

Magnussen has been heavily critical of the view from behind currently available due to a 2017 adjustment to the rear wing, stating that pursuing rivals are often difficult to see. 

He said: "[At the moment] you've got the rear wing so when the guy's right behind you, you don't see.

"As soon as he moves out that's when he becomes visible. So you can't do anything but react when you see.

"These cars are really bad. You can only see him when he's at an angle, so either in a corner or off-set. Right behind you, you're blind."

As a result Giovinazzi, who will drive full-time for Sauber from 2019, noted his experience in the 2016 World Endurance Championship, where rear view cameras were used, as a test case for what could be possible within F1. 

He stated: "“I think it’s a good thing,

"Now it’s really difficult to see with the mirrors with the aerodynamics at the back of the car, so maybe a screen will help.

"It will depend where you put the screen and everything, but I think it can be a good option. In an endurance race you need the mirrors more because an LMP1 car is coming or a GT car is behind you, so you need to see more. I think this was really good for drivers to have a camera to see what’s behind.”

Haas boss Guenther Steiner added that the possibiilty of rear view camera is currently being investigated. 

He said: "The technology is out there. It’s already available. We could do that, and I think it’s in discussion with the FIA at the moment. [F1 Race Director] Charlie Whiting is looking into it."

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Comments (21)

  • Anjistho Basu
    Far better than useless mirrors. Retards will whine either way. F1 WoN't bE tHe SaMe. That's the point, very stable geniuses who've been whining about everything since 1950.
  • Jeff Brummer
    No. Yet another “aid”: we need less automation/distraction and get back to the emotive/reactive pureness that is “instinctual” driving. IMO. #simplify
  • Jacques Comarmond
    No. Maybe bigger side view mirrors. Rear view would not solve the problem of the main blind spots.
  • Zoan Kulinski
    Depending on the camera placement the drag inducing g side mirrors could be eliminated complety.
  • Robert DeCastro
    Fuckkkkkk..why not just fucking race on Xbox or playstation? Just fucking race! Stop with the Bullshit!
  • Tim Gildersleeve
    Bottas asked for them a month ago. And most drivers agreed. What is this shit
  • Tim Gildersleeve
    Agree but he was not the one started nor will end this argument
  • Rodney Lees
    Wow this kind of technology in an f1 car for 2019.... you guys are crazy!!!!!
  • Steve Ellingson
    Why? For when they are backing into a parking spot?
  • Bryan James Dawson
    Well, it would improve aerodynamics but itd make all purists sick
  • Kenneth Law
    They better have lane keep assist for Max Verstappen
  • Kevin Testa
    No that’s what mirrors are for.
  • Fay Stebbings
    But they do show rear view film...
  • Thomas Bachmann
    Just Do it, F1 wont be the Same anyway
  • Joe Kilburg
    After seeing it in the FXX-K.....yes
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    Will he race backwards?
  • James Heeley
    No fucking idiot
  • Adrian Gale
    Horns next I'm guessing?
  • Yoann Rgd
  • Richard Marotta
    Lol hell no

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