VIDEO: Wolff terrifies Susie on Suzuka hot lap!

Friday, 12 october 2018, 05:04 , by Matthew Scott

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has already talked up the potential of a team principals race, so it was nice to get a preview of the Austrian's driving skills at the Japanese Grand Prix. Taking to the wheel of a Mercedes supercar at Suzuka, his wife Susie Wolff wasn't quite as impressed in the passenger's seat!

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Comments (13)

  • Luca Benedetto
    Quite strange.... ... Susie was a Pilot, she has also a tester for Williams...
  • Kayleigh Johns
    That's why she would never make good f1 driver
  • Anesto Cazoe
    Who not getting any later
  • Eduardo Lemao
    am I the only one who thinks toto is a dick head?
  • Johnny Fox
    Toto sounded like Arnie there.
  • Robert Sarlija
  • Mark Richards
    David Barrera
  • Jenny Wojdat
    Michael Wojdat
  • Per Axblom
    Who was faster one?
  • Poorso Lean
    Both had racing careers
  • Nnikki MmcGrath
    Chris Anderson
  • Michelle Menard
    Sam Menard

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