Verstappen wants to try another racing series

Thursday, 11 october 2018, 07:25 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen says Red Bull have forbidden him from riding a MotoGP bike, despite wanting to test the fastest motorcycles. Verstappen has developed a feisty reputation on four wheels, perhaps prompting Red Bull to deem it "too dangerous" for him to try two.

Verstappen is the golden boy at Red Bull, having made his Formula 1 debut for Toro Rosso as a 17-year-old, before stepping up to the senior team just over a year later.

He became F1's youngest race-winner on his Red Bull debut and has added three more victories since.

Verstappen is expected to become Red Bull's team leader next year when Daniel Ricciardo departs for Renault and Pierre Gasly steps up from Toro Rosso.

But Verstappen still won't be given total free reign – his MotoGP wish being turned down perhaps to protect Red Bull's prized talent.

"I have asked the team if I can try a MotoGP bike," he said.

"Red Bull is also a sponsor in MotoGP and I'd love to try one at the Red Bull Ring or somewhere.


"But they say no chance. They said absolutely no. They think it's too dangerous. So that's it."

Verstappen revealed that he had bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle to sate his desire for action on two wheels.

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  • Alexander King
    Hes a good driver has to mature .... he has actually done better this year than the previous year. Nothing falls on your lap and he would be starting from the bottom where ever he might go.
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    A Demolition Derby Series is the perfect motorsport for Crashtappen.
  • Jody Harrison
    Good, if he rides a bike he'd kill himself in half a lap.
  • Jonathan Carre
    Didn't he criticise Fernando for the same thing?
  • Andrew De Giglio
    Goes to show how crazy the gp riders are
  • Zsolt Császár
    Go on then try wrc you can crash there anytime
  • Thomas Kuipers
    Hein Kuipers
  • Mark Vandegrift
    Bumper cars?

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