VIDEO: Leclerc suffers embarrassing crash in P1 at Singapore

Friday, 14 september 2018, 06:01 , by Martin Macdonald

Oh dear. Poor Charles Leclerc. In the week when his dream move to Ferrari was announced, he arrived at the Singapore Grand Prix full of confidence, but it is safe to say that the closing moments of P1 didn't exactly go to plan. 

Nearing the end of the session Leclerc made a pretty spectacular misjudgement at turn 13, crashing his front right tyre into the wall, damaging the suspension and the tyre, his car limping out of the session. 

It was unquestionably driver error and you can watch the incident below. 

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Comments (23)

  • James Burgess
    Didn't Hamilton do this at the same spot a few years ago? Sure someone did
  • Adnan Curtovic
    Ferrari's future...all while Kimi's sitting pretty at the top of timesheets.
  • Vishu Varanasi
    I guess Ferrari does that to you Massa, Vettel and now LeClerc
  • Rony Yahchouchi
    Meanwhile Hassan CheikhAli Ahmad Tabbarah Mohamad Cheikhali
  • Tommy Ly
    Don't worry...Max is next
  • Dale Elliott
    Get that shit out of your system now son
  • Paolo Gottardo Bellavita
    Si sente già in ferrari ottimo
  • Nathan Houston
    Raikkonen wouldn’t have done it.
  • Vlado Krivý
    New pilot for Ferrari
  • David Barrera
    Can’t wait to see that at Ferrari.
  • Makara Srey
    Hes still on the training wheels
  • Paolo Cesare Andalón
    Debieron firmar a Checo Pérez en su lugar!!!
  • Daniel Guicam
    Jose Pablo Vasquez Madrigal
  • Jakub Szczurowski
    Dominik Tokaj Maxik w wy?cigu powtórzy
  • Leaston Subramany
    He is not ready for Ferrari
  • Christopher Coxall-Adams
    Joshua Brown
  • Rene Ferre
  • Sonia Fernández Alonso
    Catia Fernández Alonso
  • Chris George
    Shoulda stayed with Kimi.

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