'Schumacher a target for Toro Rosso'

Wednesday, 12 september 2018, 04:22 , by Paul Macdonald

It would be a sensational development, but reports have emerged that Toro Rosso are considering approaching Michael Schumacher's son, Mick, as a replacement for Pierre Gasly, who will drive alongside Max Verstappen in the senior Red Bull car next season. 

Helmut Marko recently claimed that he had a shortlist drawn up of 10 potential drivers who could conceivably replace Gasly at the development team in 2019.

There is also the potential that two seats will be available, given Marko's lukewarm response to Brendon Hartley's difficult drives so far, in which he has suffered a number of DNF's. 

Names thought to be on the list include the likes of Esteban Ocon, whose position at Force India appears precarious, and Stoffel Vandoorne, recently replaced at McLaren by rookie Lando Norris. 

But Motorsport reports that Schumacher's name has emerged following an eye-catching run of results in Formula 3, where the 19-year-old has taken the chequered flag in six of the last ten races.

He requires 20 Super License points in order to be granted the right to compete in Formula 1, and needs a podium finish in Formula 3 in order to achieve this goal, something that looked unlikely until his recent prolific run of victories. 

As things stand, he is in the hunt to win the championship and barring disaster is almost certain to finish within the top three, leading to the alleged interest from Toro Rosso and Marko. 

Having Schumacher Jnr on a team in F1 is regarded as an obvious coup for the teams waiting for him to develop through the ranks, and although it seems likely that Mick will compete either in Formula 3 or Formula 2 next season, reports suggest that Red Bull could be looking to tie him down for 2020 or beyond. 

But with the amount of driver movement taking place this summer nothing can be written off, and if Schumacher were to triumph in Formula 3, it could prompt Red Bull into making an unlikely move for next year. 

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  • David Thorp
    Not ready, this is a push by marketing, he needs another couple of seasons (minimum) learning his trade before getting in an F1 car. Don't get me wrong, I think he has the talent, but he doesn't have enough millage yet. If he goes in early and makes a mess through school boy errors, F1 is going to spit him out. You don't need all your racing years in F1, just your best ones. Race craft can be learned at any level of the motor sport calendar, for F1, you need to tie that to your maximum confidence and skill for your age, he's not maximised on any level yet. When he stops getting better where he is, then change up. Lewis went in early, but had a huge team and great equipment, Vettel's car could have been driven by anyone from touring cars and won at Redbull, Verstappen is without doubt a future champion, but his race craft is horrendous in close proximity. Thoughts Carl Roland?
  • Jarrod Forrester
    Joey Mawson smoked him In German formula 4 and is beating his teammates in a poor team in gp3 always pushing for points while they finish next to last every week
  • Carlos Proaño
    Jonathan Díaz podría volver rápido el apellido leyenda a la máxima categoría
  • Chris Karczewski
    Noooooo Ferrari should scoop him up! Kids phenomenal and will be a legend like his father.
  • Jun Data
    To see another Schumacher racing in Formula 1 is awesome but too see the son of the legend is even better..
  • Maria Johannesdottir Petersen
    Sara Eva og Jóhannes það styttist greinilega óðum í næsta Skógerðarmanninn
  • John Saville
    Looks like Michael and Rubens' love child in that picture
  • Niklas Storgaard Engholm
    Der er gang i rygtebørsen Alexander Høyer Emma Raun
  • Pranay Dawne
    Maybe too early, let him race more in the lower division
  • Michael Parnel Williams-Strong
    Ashley Szmerling Alexander Ide maybe not 2021 after all...
  • Alex Wood
    Not torro rosso it will ruin him
  • Jarryd Veale
    Kris Janczuk this would be cool
  • Akhilesh Giddaluri
    Shivaram Arun, Daniel Gonzalez, Nikhil Menon
  • Allen Gonzales
    Without f2 experience? Wait... What?
  • Antoine Drapeau
    Will he have enough points for a super liscence?
  • George Brammah
    Mark Munro
  • Thom Veits
  • Paolo Celestino
    Paul Cartolano Adam MacCready
  • Adam Ruggiero
    Brett Gould
  • John Stivala
    Luigino Cavasinni

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