'Raikkonen to sign two-year Ferrari extension'

Sunday, 12 august 2018, 08:36 , by Matthew Scott

Kimi Raikkonen will sign a two-year contract extension with Ferrari, according to reports in France. F1only.fr has suggested that the Finn will pen a long-term agreement to partner Sebastian Vettel up to the end of the current Concorde Agreement in 2020.

Raikkonen had been expected to abdicate his Scuderia seat for Charles Leclerc until the death of former Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne.

It was understood that Marchionne was behind a plan to promote Leclerc after just one season in F1, but the new chiefs at Maranello are reported to be keener on the stability that Raikkonen offers in order to limit turmoil brought on by Marchionne's sudden passing.

Vettel has made no secret of his desire to remain paired with Raikkonen in 2019 and beyond and the duo have regularly talked up the harmonious union they have enjoyed since 2015.

Leclerc has dominated Sauber team-mate Marcus Ericsson in his rookie F1 season, but the Formula 2 champion is not short of options for next year.

The Swiss team are expected to continue their progression in the midfield, while the Ferrari-powered Haas team - often the 'best of the rest' in races this season - could offer a step up.

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  • Chris Hole
    If true, best wish ever, all drivers will sign until 2020 as the big rule change. Kimi has been bossing it this year, 5 podiums in a row, most points scored in the last 5 too. Could of won austria. He deserves to stay, very key part of ferrari. He may be 41 by the end of the 2020 season but he still has it. If vettel wins this year, they should let kimi try next year.
  • David Kilponen
    Good decision I think. Kimi may not be winning but he’s does earn a lot of podiums. He’s consistent as gravity and always bags good points for the team which is vital to challenge Mercedes. Charles leclerc will get his chance once 2020 hits. He’s still very young and can use these next 2 years to all but ensure he has that seat when the time comes.
  • Lorraine Tolve
    I think he wioll go to indy car, ferasrri is out, red bull is definitely out, and McLaren has a dismal outlook, Indy car is his best bet
  • Lorraine Tolve
    I think he wioll go to indy car, ferasrri is out, red bull is definitely out, and McLaren has a dismal outlook, Indy car is his best bet
  • Morne Scheepers
    Must be getting paid a pretty bunch for being someone's lady for another 2 years. Not the way I would want to be remembered as a racer
  • Mario Rodriguez Fernandez
    This is the best for Vettel chances of being champion, but hurts Ferrari chances of being constructurs champions
  • Lukasz Roszkowski
    Ferari should sign Robert Kubica i am sure he would win championship for them unlike crybaby vetel
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    Great news!!! I hope it comes true and have in Ferrari a strong lineup for the next two years
  • Zvone Kati?
    Good job ferrari, making fight at the top more boring than it is at the moment.
  • Sunesh Ramsunder
    Mishka Juggath We need this! How else would we survive the summer break?
  • Alexander Love
    Kimi must being paid a lot more than Vettel just to be a barrier for Vettel.
  • Julie Suckling
    And what Seb wants Seb gets! Kimi needs to overtake for the wins!!!!!!
  • Nick Tata
    They made a mistake by not securing Daniel Ricciardo, and groom him until Vettel retires.
  • James Walton
    I think he should move to Williams and take it over, kick out the family
  • Pranay Dawne
    It's good but I really hope he wins again bc he has a great car
  • Isaac Ihearirochi Achonwa
    To continue as Vettel's wing man I guess? Very pathetic
  • Kisanga Devendra
    Kimi will be the no.1 driver. Seb can f*@$& right off Scott Gower
  • Clement Pichonnier
    Julien Debieuvre faut m’expliquer...
  • Bill Kallergis
    Lecler isn't ready yet so yes!
  • Tommy Pedersen
    Perfect Kjartan Nevøy

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