VIDEO: Alonso goes crazy on team radio about Magnussen

Thuesday, 10 july 2018, 09:13 , by Martin Macdonald

The British Grand Prix was certainly not lacking in incidents at the weekend, with Kimi Raikkonen clipping the back of Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes, causing major friction between the Silver Arrows and Ferrari. One duel which went under the radar was Fernando Alonso shouting down his team radio about the actions of Kevin Magnussen.

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  • Henrik Pedersen
    At no point was Alonso ahead, in these situations. He might have been faster but he didn't have the right opportunity to complete the moves, unless Magnussen went of the racing line, and no racer makes room so other can overtake you. Alonso would do the same.
  • Jamie Paget
    Magnussen is a journeyman and nobody, he can't go doing what ha has been, for most of his cereer. He has already said he would rather crash or die on the track then just give up, so there you go. A real problem for his peers.....
  • Jonathan Carre
    He may not have been ahead Henrik Pedersen but he was fully alongside. You need to leave space, you can't just force another car off the track.
  • Petros Groza
    Of course he is right magnussen is just a dickhead watch what he did to alonso in free practice for absolutely no reason
  • Jens Glem Zeuthen
    Alonso vs. Vettel China 2018

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