Hamilton: Mercedes-Ferrari row is 'dumb sh*t'

Monday, 09 july 2018, 06:11 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton has vowed to "move on" from his British Grand Prix incident with Kimi Raikkonen after accepting an apology from the Finn, while saying he will take a lesson after post-race comments he branded "dumb shit" caused a storm between world championship rivals Ferrari and Mercedes.

 After a poor start left him third, Hamilton was suddenly at the back of the field when a touch from Raikkonen put him into a spin at turn three.

The Ferrari driver was given a 10-second penalty and finished third, behind Hamilton in second and race-winner Sebastian Vettel, who extended his standings lead over the reigning champion to eight points.

After the race, Hamilton was in conspiratorial mood, highlighting Ferrari's "interesting tactics", while team principal Toto Wolff questioned whether Raikkonen's actions were "incompetent or deliberate".

Ferrari hit back, Vettel sticking up for his team-mate, while team principal Maurizio Arrivabene took shots at the Silver Arrows.

For his part, Raikkonen accepted full fault for the incident, while steering clear from any notion that he had caused the collision intentionally.

And the Finn seemingly took Hamilton aside to issue an apology, which the Briton was happy to accept.


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Comments (17)

  • Mike Megyesi
    Very disappointed in the comments from Hamilton. I doubt that any driver would intentionally hit another, they could easily take themselves out at the same time. F1 isn't NASCAR, thank goodness. Usually a fan of the Silver Arrows...rethinking some of that now.
  • Dean Williams
    That’s the truth in the end of the day it’s not the end of the championship these guys just move on because they have to they can not afford to Linger on bad races it’s gone now racing drivers move on it’s the only way to have there mentality.
  • Debjit Adak
    "Sometimes we say dumb shit and learn from it". Even Hamilton agrees that his comments were dumb. Someone show this to the Hamilton fangirls.
  • Alnid Nidi Bici
    The Mercedes pilot switch place at british gp but ferraris didn't switch at French gp what is going to say Toto wolf now ?!
  • Joey Bridges
    well, he was the dumb sh*t who started the whole sh*t storm. an incredible driving talent, wrapped up in a spoiled brat.
  • Paul Brown
    No, Hamilton has realised he is losing popularity. It’s a selfish reversal to save his thin skin.
  • Shiva Bhardwaj
    I didn't know that Neymar drove for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. What a surprise.
  • Kevin Broderick
    Probably how it would have gone if Lewie didn't stomp away from parc ferme!
  • Charlene Mauro
    Chantelle Michael ammetta li zbalja ha alinqas il qeried
  • Jeff Larsen
    So says the jackass that threw the 1st cheating stone
  • Dee Paterson
    Good, hope his fans wake up as quick as he has
  • Todd Morrison
    Raikkonen just had a senior moment
  • Joseph Edward Geemar Kho
    He doesnt want any competition now funny
  • Christopher Coxall-Adams
    Joshua Brown
  • Mark Midgley
    Brayden Burdett

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