Alonso claims he has not had a championship car since 2007

Thursday, 14 juny 2018, 06:32 , by Martin Macdonald

Fernando Alonso has claimed that he has not had a Formula One car worthy of a world championship for over a decade which makes it no surprise how off the pace he has been in recent years, whilst also providing an update on his future career intentions.

Alonso is a two-time title winner, emerging victorious in 2005 and 2006, but since then his career has stalled due to some alleged poor career decisions like joining a team at the wrong time.

In 2014, F1's turbo hybrid engines were introduced and since then Alonso has not even won a Grand Prix race, last competing for a championship back in 2012 when with Ferrari.

The Spaniard has looked back on the lack of success over the years, particularly recently, and it is his opinion that he simply did not have a good enough car to compete for more titles, and that the focus needs to be put on drivers again.

"I think it has been up and down," Alonso said.

"think the last possibility of the last championship car we had was 2007. The rest has been always quite far off from the performance of the top and the winning team of that season.

"We're now 11 years after that moment, so I don't think it's a problem [for me to be off the pace] but I think the biggest thing for me is to think about the direction Formula One is going and I don't think too much about how competitive we'll be next year as it is impossible to predict. It is just about the sport.

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"When you see again the grid in Canada there were two Mercedes, two Ferraris, two Red Bulls, two Force Indias and two Renaults in Q3. It is a constructors' world championship and not a drivers' world championship so it is something I need to decide."

When asked whether he regretted not winning more championships, Alonso was showed humility in his response, saying he felt honoured to be part of the sport for this long.

"No not really I think there are opportunities missed in the past, and we could have won probably four or five championships by I think seven points one time, and then three or something like that," he continued.

"But at the same time I feel extremely privileged to have this 18 years in F1 and I know there are drivers here that I race against, I see them on the track, I see their talent, I see their previous categories, and they've never even reached a podium.

"I see my teammate now [Stoffel Vandoorne], I see Nico [Hulkenberg], I see Carlos [Sainz]. I see a lot of talented drivers that they didn't score a podium. At the same time, we missed some opportunities as I said but I'm happy with the things that I've done."

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  • Eathan Haywood-Weeb
    The 2010 Ferrari was definitely a championship contending car. It wasn't the fastest, but it wasn't all that far off the RB and McL cars. The 2012 car wasn't great speed wise, but it was by far the most consistent car on the grid, with no mechanical failures at all (during races, not sure about practice and qualy). To claim he hasn't had a championship car since 2007 is bullshit, he's had 2 cars somewhat capable of contending since then.
  • Steven Miller
    Hmm......2012 probably was more down to his efforts, but he definitely had a championship worthy car by the end of 2010 and blew it. Nobody to blame but himself, dreadful decision maker outside the cockpit.
  • Michael Haskey
    Part of being a champion is getting into a team which has a championship winning car. Maybe his management has let him down.
  • Aidan Millward
    He would have won it in 2010 if he bothered to overtake petrov instead of waiting for him to wave him through.
  • Eduardo Aparicio
    He almost beat Vettel for the championship a few years ago.
  • Robert DeCastro
    I beginning to think he's just riding his car hard.
  • Makara Srey
    McLaren better step up there game if they want to keep him.
  • James Wolford
    Should have never left Ferrari or Mercedes.
  • Bruno Queiros
    Loll... always somewone else fault!
  • Henry Alugoro
    Yes I agree
  • Shaun Hughes
    Yes definitely

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