Gameplayer Alonso & Raikkonen past his prime - Rosberg piles into former rivals

Monday, 11 juny 2018, 18:46 , by Matthew Scott

Nico Rosberg was searingly honest when discussing the Formula 1 futures of the two most experienced drivers on the grid after the Canadian Grand Prix. Rosberg said Fernando Alonso's "politics" will keep him out of a top team, while Kimi Raikkonen is simply "past his prime".

Neither of the former world champions enjoyed much of a decent outing in Montreal on Sunday, with Alonso retiring from the race and Raikkonen finishing sixth, from fifth on the grid.

The Ferrari man was typically passive off the line, allowing Daniel Ricciardo through, and he was unable to take advantage of Lewis Hamilton's early discomfort in the Mercedes.

Luckily for Raikkonen, his Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel was imperious, winning from pole.

Raikkonen has developed an unfortunate habit of making errors in qualifying this year, often leaving him out of position to fight for honours and Rosberg was scathing in his assessment of the 2007 champion.

Alonso was entering his 300th grand prix in Canada, but it ended in all-too familiar circumstances, with his McLaren breaking down.

The two-time champion is favourite for next week's Le Mans 24 Hours, as he goes for the Triple Crown - an ambition which could lead him into a full-time drive in IndyCar next year according to reports.

Although 2019 seats at Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari are up for grabs, Rosberg says Alonso's troublesome past in F1 has effectively blocked his chances of ever returning to the fight at the front.

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  • Anet Kotze
    Politics !!!!!!!!! that is why F1 are getting boring, they keep half of the past alive and 3 teams keeps the spot and choose the drivers to play nicely with, F1 is just Lewis, Vettel, Verstappen and every now and then Ric, the rest is in the middle and will stay there. Alonso have said a lot in the past, his mouth opens and he speaks his mind, and everybody holds it against him.....................WAKE UP !!!!! Merc and Ferrari, you can hammer as much as you wants to on the past, BUT FERNANDO ALONSO is the most complete, skillful driver in this decade, he is as competitive as ever, as fast as ever, he has not slow down with age, he is competitive and he can out race ANYBODY with the same Merc and Ferrari, BUT we will never know that as the boys from Merc and Ferrari does not wants to play with Alonso, they scared to have mud on their faces
  • Zach Illi
    Well hes not wrong. Kimi i love the guy but his best drives most recent were for lotus years ago. Got podiums in an unworthy car. But in a worthy car he isnt better. Alonso has put himself where he is. I think its mostlly karma is biting him. Think back to the cheating flavio briatori. Fixing alonsos only win at singapore. It was at the loss of another drivers f1 carrier to get an undeserved win. And since then his f1 career has been shit.
  • Shrijit Mazumdar
    Id have loved Red Bull to replace Ricciardo with Alonso. Sainz is still not ready to fight for championships and alonso will probably only stick for a year more so perfect deal. Vestrappen is not gonna win Red Bull a championship anytime soon. And if you have a race winning car, have the best available driver, this aint some school.
  • Zoan Kulinski
    Lol......Alonso, the best thats funny. He's a mid pack driver who signed with McLaren for the money, he got paid even more than he was getting at Ferrari. Hes done, he no longer has,the reaction times needed to be a top driver. He gave up trying to win championships the moment he signed with McLaren.
  • Tom Tomarse Burnside
    Or is Rosberg just jealous of them because they actually won titles off their own backs where as he only won his through reliability issues and poors starts
  • Vernon Naicker
    Forget the cunt Rossberg. He was past it the day he won his title. Maybe Lewis and Mercedes helped him to get rid of him. Who cares.... one bitter cunt is Rossberg.
  • Debbie Morgan
    Rosberg stick to your new formula E you didn't even defend your title.
  • Gabriel Andrisan
    What politics, can someone elaborate please?!
  • Colby Lim
    Two recently most experience drivers in F1.

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