VIDEO: Supermodel's blunder cuts Canada GP short

Sunday, 10 juny 2018, 16:01 , by Matthew Scott

The Canadian Grand Prix was cut short a lap after supermodel Winnie Harlow waved the chequered flag too soon! Sebastian Vettel won the race, but radioed his team on his final lap in disappointment after Harlow waved the flag to his Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen as he started his final lap.

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Comments (67)

  • Mark Camenzuli
    At first I was confused and thought that the board showed the wrong Lap Number.. then I realised the blunder was the official's fault. When I saw it was a supermodel, I knew it had to be her fault!
  • Federico Tombolini
    Who is asshole ?! By the way, instead of waving he was fixing his hair! I've always had the idea that celebrities in F1 should be inside an electrified fence (not too big) inside the pits.
  • Alison Catherine Sharratt
    She would have been told to wave it when the first place car came round. Only to take that literally and wave the flag for the first car that came round.
  • Michael Mondor
    Why is some model waving a checkered flag , just another step backwards for F1 thanks to liberty, hate to say this but I miss Bernie
  • Ian Rae
    Unless it's part of a "make a wish" event for a terminally ill kid etc, no one except proper race officials should be anywhere near flags.
  • Hank Siarczynski
    Any time celebrities get involved nothing good comes of it. Just let them sit in their suites and try and look interested.
  • Sonia Fernández Alonso
    Candido Fernandez Perez le dijeron cuando vuelva a pasar Vettle la sacas y vio a Kimi y se puso a ondearla jahahah
  • Lee Anderson
    Funny she said she aint into f1 but is good friends with hamilton someone like that shouldnt be anywhere near a chequred flag
  • Lars Hansen
    Race wasn't cut short. She waved the flag a lap early, but the race continued until all 70 laps were completed.
  • Jason Giddings
    Dan Ric loses fastest lap. She was waving cars b4 Seb come around. She obviosly didnt know what car was coming first.
  • Daniel Todoran
    Some celebrities are so empty they don't have nothing to do with some sports .......
  • N Haroutune Krikorian
    Was retarded idea to put someone who doesn’t know anything about F1 to wave a single flag. Lul
  • Daniel Tee Atkinson
    Ya ok. World Championship racing should use “super”models for flag officials. Makes perfect sense.
  • John Hutchinson
    I assume the poor girl has excema ??? As for "Super Model" is that term getting a bit overused these days?
  • Fernando Cucatti
    If you put them together, they might give the checkered flag in the right moment!
  • Mike Gallagher
    Even before they showed this, I knew something was way off.
  • Rodriguez Jackie
    It was a mistake guys ...lucky vettel knows how to count laps ..lok
  • Bill Chandra Colley
    Its not even her fault oh wait this is social media
  • Mark Edward
    Have the celebrity wave the initial green flag, not the checkered.
  • Mike Galiano
    Im starting to miss the Bernie era more and more...

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