Mercedes reported Ferrari to FIA over engine suspicions

Sunday, 27 may 2018, 04:32 , by Matthew Scott

Ferrari were reported to the FIA by a former employee, who has since left for Mercedes, over their alleged misuse of battery power in 2018. FIA race director Charlie Whiting has confirmed that the Scuderia have been cleared of any wrongdoing after investigations at the Azerbaijan and Monaco Grands Prix.

It is reported by the Mail on Sunday that James Allison, Mercedes' technical director who previously held the same role with Ferrari, reported Ferrari to the FIA in Baku, amid suspicions that they were extracting more power from energy recovery systems than allowed.

Whiting apparently also revealed that Lorenzo Sassi, Ferrari's former engine chief who moved to Mercedes last December, was also responsible for bringing the issue to the FIA's attention.

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"The matter was exacerbated by unsubstantiated allegations that went through the paddock like wildfire," Whiting is quoted as telling the Mail.

"It came from a Ferrari engine man now at Mercedes, but his information would be the length of his gardening leave old."

Ferrari have balanced out the power playing field in 2018, with Sebastian Vettel enjoying three consecutive pole positions in Bahrain, China and Azerbaijan, however his ability to only convert one of those into a win means he trails Lewis Hamilton atop the drivers' standings.

The German's title hopes will be boosted by the news that Ferrari's power unit has been deemed legal.

"We had some concerns in Baku that were difficult to explain and we worked through it with them," Whiting explained.

"[The rulebook] says that it is the duty of the competitor to satisfy the FIA that their car complies at all times and they were having difficulty satisfying us. Here, we are now satisfied.

"Some things in the data we could not quite explain... we went through it with Ferrari and they gave explanations which were not particularly convincing.

"We wanted to really get to the bottom of it and in Spain, they took some measures to make sure we understood it more and that we were seeing things that we were happy with."

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  • Don Garner
    So in Spain the FIA "were seeing things that we were happy with" from Ferrari, wonder if it was Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling?
  • Robin Evers
    Mercedes can not win and they start making all sorts of things up really people grow up it a game you wan and lose
  • Robert Pininfarina
    Mercedes didn't have shit, they were bluffing. They should get penalised for wasting everyones time. Forza Ferrari.
  • Chris Diaz
    So many Ferrari fanboys. This is “par for the course”. All teams complain about aspects of rivals cars that appear to be illegal.
  • Werner Bosman
    Merc is now feeling the pressure, engine advantage gone now they need to look at other teams...stupid merc
  • Shiela Belen Punzalan
    exactly! they're dominating and yet they cant stop finding something to complain about..
  • Leaston Subramany
    Who are leading the drivers and constructors championship?
  • Phil Parsons
    And that’s why Ferrari were not competitive in Spain.
  • Emanuel Ashta
    Armando Kola shifi kta bitchat ai kan frik
  • Gary Hilliard
    We are not winning so they must be cheating!!
  • René Bjerre-Andersen
    Haha Mercedes

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