Ferrari car ruled illegal by FIA

Wednesday, 16 may 2018, 07:44 , by Matthew Scott

Ferrari's car will change look yet again at the Monaco Grand Prix after aerodynamic additions made in Barcelona were deemed to flout rules. Ferrari mounted wing mirrors to the halo of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen's cars in Spain, but the addition of a winglet above the mirrors has landed them in trouble.

The Scuderia sported a new look at the Circuit de Catalunya, but any boost in aero performance was not enough to prevent Mercedes taking a one-two in both qualifying and the race, extending Lewis Hamilton's lead over Vettel in the standings.

Teams had been permitted to experiment with mounting mirrors on the halo, due to driver complaints that the larger rear wings on modern Formula 1 cars were difficult to see past.

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However, FIA race director Charlie Whiting says Ferrari's design is not in keeping with the guidelines that teams were given.

"It's a liberal interpretation of the word 'mounting'," Whiting told F1's official site. "That's how they become legal, because there is no bodywork allowed in the area in the upper part of that.

"The interpretation hinges on whether we think that's a mounting or not. We somehow think not so we're going to take some action on that.

"They think it [the winglet] contributes to the rigidity of the mirror. It's just a matter of interpretation and such a tenuous interpretation is not something we're happy with."

Asked if the device is, in-effect, banned, Whiting said: "Yes, you could say that. If it was a clear breach of the regulations, they wouldn't have been allowed to use it [in Barcelona]. But we'll clarify that to everybody.

"If we do [see it used in Monaco] we're probably going to see the stewards about it. The technical directive will make it clear.

"I doubt they would be there if there wasn't a measurable aero advantage, but these days that doesn't have to be big."

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  • Pat Williams
    This is old new and was brought about on race weekend. They were first to try it. F1 is all about reading between the lines and the gray areas in the rules. So now the rules will be made more clear if other teams choose to go this route with mirrors on the halo. This is how things go. Pretty normal happenings here.
  • Anjistho Basu
    Can Mercedes just get a 20 lap head start? Might make things simpler. Red Bull can start 5 laps ahead of the rest.
  • Kenneth Petrie
    They should lose their points. I doubt that anybody else would get away with this.
  • Keith Darby
    Matthew Scott you a bit late to the party pal with that you dumb ass.
  • Joey Bridges
    Could you have a more misleading, and histrionic headline ??
  • Dan Dailey
    So were they disqualified from Spain and loose their points??
  • Anthony Eletva
    You gave me a heart attack you assholes hahaha
  • Wilson James
  • Nihal Anand Shettigar
    The headline is misleading
  • Martin Elliott
    Kimi ate my hamster.

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