VIDEO: TERRIFYING view from Gasly's car of first-lap crash

Sunday, 13 may 2018, 11:45 , by Matthew Scott

The first-lap crash between Romain Grosjean, Nico Hulkenberg and Pierre Gasly was the highlight moment of the Spanish Grand Prix. The Haas spun across the track, collecting Hulkenberg and Gasly, causing all three to retire. A new camera angle from the Toro Rosso shows just how scary the incident was for Gasly...

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Comments (14)

  • Jeff Larsen
    Its hilarious that Grosjean actually think that a top team like Ferrari would sign him up. Dude better get a grip on whats real and whats not
  • Kenneth Petrie
    That was a terrible accident. Grosjean planted the throttle in the middle off the pack. I'm surprised he didn't get banned.
  • Joe Studd
    Get rid of Grosjean FFS. He's in arguably the best midfield car but still hasn't scored a single point.
  • Christian Iannotta
    They need to ditch Grosjean he’s worthless and not scoring any points in a good car
  • Robert DeCastro
    When fans are waiting for Grojean to Fuck up..its time to go.
  • Igor Kuzmanoski
    He can't handle his car... I'd be pissed if I was on his team
  • Grant Cafferty
    Grosjean is his own worst enemy.
  • Marko Mravak
    At least swap him with Leclerc
  • Hank Siarczynski
    As we've come to learn, he doesn't "think".
  • William Tang no
  • Pranay Dawne
    Grojeon is grojeon again
  • Andre Kapp
    He doesn’t learn quickly!

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