F1 confirms plans for Miami street race in 2019

Wednesday, 02 may 2018, 07:43 , by Matthew Scott

Formula 1 has confirmed that talks are ongoing with a view to introducing a street race in Miami to the 2019 calendar. Liberty Media has made no secret of the desire to add a second race in the United States to the calendar, alongside the event at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

F1 confirmed on Wednesday that a proposal has been made to add an event in downtown Miami, with the City of Miami Commission set to vote on whether it goes ahead.

The city is set to host an F1 Live event in the build-up to this year's United States Grand Prix to give locals a taste of the sport, although many are unhappy at the proposals and have campaigned against the addition of a grand prix.

Dutch network Ziggo Sports, partly owned by Liberty Media, also reported recently that the Miami race is likely to see the Baku City Circuit dumped from the F1 calendar, despite a pair of thrilling races in Azerbaijan in 2017 and 2018.

F1 commercial chief Sean Bratches believes taking F1 to one of the world's most famous cities will improve its global appeal.

He said in a statement: "Earlier today the City of Miami Commission took an important step by adding an item to their upcoming agenda, that if approved, will make way to bring Formula 1 to downtown Miami next season. 

"We appreciate the community's interest in hosting a Formula 1 race and look forward to working with local officials and stakeholders to bring this vision to life.

"With over half a billion fans worldwide, Formula 1 is the greatest racing spectacle on the planet, and Miami's status as one of the world's most iconic and glamourous cities, combined with its robust tourism infrastructure, makes Miami the perfect destination for Formula 1 and its fans."

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  • Federico Tombolini
    In USA they have the "virus" of street circuits (the worst in the world). Las Vegas,Dallas,Phoenix were terrible,Long Beach and Detroit "just" bad.Not only they love (without reason) this kind of track but they continue to organize the races as if they were national races,not part of the World Championship! Instead of a shitty street circuit,let's race in Elkhart Lake!
  • William S. Gatlos Jr
    I was lucky enough to live in Phoenix when we had Formula 1 on the streets of Phoenix and it was incredible! Something about those cars ripping down the road next to skyscrapers is very intriguing.
  • Eduardo Villa
    Dump Baku (owner of the best races the last 2 years and probably this year also) and have a Street circuit in a country where no one gives a crap about F1, what a great idea liberty!
  • Shiela Belen Punzalan
    they cant remove yas marina from the calendar as it is where they generate the most from ticket sales..dunt fancy gp's in the us..and baku? its the best race in the calendar..
  • Scott Martino
    Hopefully they wont get fleeced on the development costs like they did with the Marlins stadium! I bet that is weighing on their minds as they go to vote.
  • Steve Reinhart
    Sebring and Road Atlanta would need upgrades to pass F1 standards, so I wonder what the cost comparisons are for upgrades versus staging a street race in Miami.
  • Michael Swales
    Oh dear this what Liberty want ! a support race for the indy series or perhaps for Nascar with max starring in the smash up derby
  • Rob Bland
    I'm not a fan of street races at all... Though if you're gonna add one, can you get rid of the Russian GP instead? That track is boring...
  • Chris Diaz
    After re-watching the Formula E race in Miami, i think I’m starting to change my mind on he feasibility of a Miami GP.
  • Aaron Tye
    Why do we need to dump a race for another? Just add it in extra we already have loads of 2 week gaps between races
  • Alisa Pierce Windlinger
    I'm all for adding another race in the US, but why not utilize an existing track instead of a street race? I was in Dallas
  • Aerrik Hovden
    Why not dump COTUS and keep Baku? Azerbaijan is the only grand prix to consistently be interesting
  • Roy Driessen
    Keep Baku, dump Dubai... Oh wait...it's about the money not the coolest races
  • Mike Gambino
    It'll fall apart like the street circuit in jersey did.
  • Mark Kovach
    Miami. Sure. But keep Baku. It’s the best race of the year
  • Qas Abbas
    Shahzad Mirza can we take the wives and get a pass? Lol
  • Mike van der Zee
    Surprise. Surprise. Liberty wants to Americanise F1.
  • Shkelzen G. Rogova
    Ilir hahahhaa sa e ki larg Miami-n ??
  • Christine Muise
    Yeah right....I'm still waiting for New Jersey!!!
  • Ken Ballard
    Bring F1 back to Watkins Glen!

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