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Red Bull get satisfying feeling from Aston Martin "copying"

Red Bull get satisfying feeling from Aston Martin "copying"

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Red Bull get satisfying feeling from Aston Martin "copying"

Red Bull get satisfying feeling from Aston Martin "copying"

Red Bull technical director Pierre Waché has conceded to feeling 'quite satisfied' that Aston Martin resorted to "copying" the design of the RB18.

Aston Martin has found itself in the spotlight across the course of the Spanish Grand Prix weekend after revealing an updated car that closely resembles the Red Bull.

Asked for his initial reaction when he first saw the AMR22, Waché said: "I feel quite satisfied that the copy shows that we didn't do such a bad job, to be honest.

"For us, the main aspect was to be sure it was done in the rules. The FIA has checked and it looks like [it was].

"On our side, we now have to check we don't have any IP leak. That is a main asset of the team so we want to be sure of that but we are investigating at the moment.

"But on a personal and engineering aspect, it is quite satisfying that another team is copying us. It means our concept is not so bad."

Red Bull's concern surrounding its IP centres on the fact seven people took up new positions at Aston Martin over the winter, including its former head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows, who started at the Silverstone-based team on April 2.

Waché conceded it is inevitable the knowledge inside a person's head cannot be removed.

"We cannot control the heads of the people," he added. "It is part of our industry that we have a transfer of people in engineering. It is like a football team.

"That is not what we are after. It is more if we have some electronic file or file leak in the system.

"But we cannot control what the people know and transfer with what they know. You cannot unknow something. That is not something we are after."

Red Bull to involve FIA if leak uncovered

Waché stressed Red Bull had faith in the FIA's initial investigation into the design process of the updated Aston Martin but has made clear his team will quickly act if any IP impropriety is discovered.

"In terms of action with the FIA, the response from the FIA is clear," Waché said.

"It looks like the car itself and the way to achieve it was legal, so we won't take any more action on this subject until we find something on our side.

"I think we would not lobby the FIA [but] we would, for sure, inform the FIA because the rules are clear that IP transfer cannot happen.

"It is what has happened in the past and it is clear. Clearly, the FIA will be part of the process if we find something, for sure."

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