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Ferrari bouncing compliance bewilders Binotto

Ferrari bouncing compliance bewilders Binotto

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Ferrari bouncing compliance bewilders Binotto

Ferrari bouncing compliance bewilders Binotto

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has conceded to being bewildered as to why the Scuderia has found performance despite suffering from the porpoising phenomenon.

F1's new regulations have seen the return of ground-effect aerodynamics to the sport and a return of the bouncing effect caused by aero-stalling underneath the car.

Multiple teams, such as Mercedes, have experienced aggressive bouncing that has hampered the performance of its cars but whilst Ferrari has suffered similar issues, Charles Leclerc holds a strong lead at the top of the standings.

Asked if he could explain why Ferrari still had pace whilst bouncing, Binotto replied: "I don’t know how that’s possible. I don't know why the others are not as quick as we are on porpoising.

"But it's true that we are still suffering from it, since the very start of the winter testing. We put some actions on the car to try to mitigate it but it's not yet been addressed and solved.

"It's always a compromise between trying to solve it and give up some performance, while maybe in the meantime, you expect to have some porpoising and get the best out of your car. "

Despite the stellar performance from the F1-75, Binotto confirmed the team was chasing solutions to eradicate the effects of the bouncing.

"We are certainly trying to develop the car in order to address it definitively because it's not the ideal situation, certainly for a driver to drive and to attack corners without getting there in braking with such porpoising," added Binotto. "We are aware.

"We believe it's a potential of development, or potential of performance to get. Why the others are suffering more than us, I don't know if it’s true or not. Is it down to the porpoising or not? I don't know."

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