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F1 set for 'decade of success' - Brown

F1 set for 'decade of success' - Brown

F1 News

F1 set for 'decade of success' - Brown

F1 set for 'decade of success' - Brown
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown has predicted a "successful decade in F1" with added Netflix exposure putting the sport in a "very strong" position.

Last season was one of the most thrilling in the history of the sport, with 108.7million viewers around the world tuning in to watch the Abu Dhabi title decider between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

For the coming campaign that begins on March 20 with the Bahrain Grand Prix, F1 will race to an all-new set of technical regulations with a larger focus on improving the ability of cars to follow and improve overtaking.

"Formula 1's in a very strong place commercially, more grands prix than ever with continued demand - TV, digital, Netflix, makes the overall exposure for the sport very strong," explained Brown in a media session including GPFans.

"A lot of corporate partners coming in. We've been having a lot of success for some time. We've over 45 partners now on-car and licensing, and over a dozen joined us last year, some of the world's biggest companies.

"[It's] great to see others in the sport bringing in first-class global organisations, so I think we're in a very healthy state."

F1 introduced a cost cap for the first time in its history last year in a move that forced teams to choose between developing its 2021 car or putting more energy into the '22 changes.

Although not all teams will immediately be able to run at the cap, the decision significantly altered the disparity between those with the biggest budgets and those with the smallest.

"With the on-track competition being what it is, the financial budget cap being in place, the racing should get closer," added Brown.

"I think we're in store for a real successful decade in Formula 1."

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