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McLaren unveil "future-proofed" MCL36

McLaren unveil "future-proofed" MCL36

McLaren unveil "future-proofed" MCL36

McLaren unveil "future-proofed" MCL36

McLaren is confident it has "future-proofed" itself for what will be a remarkable development race this season following the unveiling of its new car.

The team took the wraps off the striking-looking MCL36 at its Technology Centre in Woking on Friday, the first car built to the far-reaching new aerodynamic regulations.

As with Aston Martin, the team has insisted it is a "real car" that will run at the first pre-season test in Barcelona from February 23-25.

The differences in design philosophy between McLaren's new car and the AMR22 are already significant, notably with regard to the sidepod arrangement.

McLaren executive technical director James Key said: "I think we can be proud we're presenting a real car, it absolutely is. It's the car we're taking to Barcelona.

"Yes, we've hidden a few bits and pieces for obvious reasons, there are some sensitive areas.

"But as far as the development plan is concerned, like every team, we have development steps to come early on because we are still very much in a learning process at this stage, and the pro-activity level for the next step is very strong.

"We'll be taking some updates to Bahrain, so we'll see the car change there."

A major issue for all teams is ensuring it can develop its car given the budget cap, which for this year is set at $140million, should it have taken a wrong path.

Asked as to how difficult it would be for a team to catch up, Key added: "It depends on what your problem is."

Key, though, is confident McLaren has its bases covered. He said: "With our car, we've made an effort to give ourselves a platform which is very well future-proofed for developmental opportunities beyond just getting the here and now right.

"We'll have to see how that goes but there is still plenty more to do at this stage.

"It depends on what your development strategy is in terms of introducing things. Clearly, the longer you leave something, the quicker the car will be when you put it on because you've spent more races without that performance step.

"That's what the cost cap forces you to do, which is a good thing because you have to think smartly and try and think about the most cost-efficient way of doing it.

"Having worked for smaller teams in the past, this isn't new territory for me. I don't mind having to make those decisions because it's all part of it."

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