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F1 drivers "crucial" in Pirelli tyre design

F1 drivers "crucial" in Pirelli tyre design

F1 News

F1 drivers "crucial" in Pirelli tyre design

F1 drivers "crucial" in Pirelli tyre design
GPFans Staff

Pirelli has explained how F1 drivers were "crucial" in the development of the new-for-2022 18-inch tyres.

The new tyres take over from the 13-inch tyres the sport is accustomed to as the sport entered a radically new aerodynamic era, with budgets also reduced and an eye turned towards the synergy between track and road.

The development of the tyres has seen numerous tyre tests in recent times, with every team other than Williams involved in test days throughout 2021 and 'mule cars' enforced in the post-season Abu Dhabi test.

"The new 18-inch tyres were designed from the ground up, with every element of the tyre drawn from a clean sheet of paper: from the profile, to the structure, to the compounds," a Pirelli statement read.

"The design process took in more than 10,000 hours of indoor testing, more than 5000 hours of simulation, and more than 70 prototypes developed virtually, to eventually create 30 different specifications that were tested by nearly all the teams over more than 20,000 kilometres.

"The role of the drivers was crucial, with each of them contributing to the development at various points and helping Pirelli arrive at the definitive specifications thanks to their feedback.

Detailing changes between the 13 and 18-inch tyres, Pirelli explained: "The new tyres have a wider working range than their 13-inch predecessors, without compromising warm-up.

"As a result, overheating is limited and degradation is reduced. There are additionally new temperatures for the tyre blankets. All the tyres will now be heated up to 70 degrees, rather than 100 degrees at the front and 80 degrees at the rear, as was the case previously.

"The reduction of tyre blanket temperatures is part of a plan to gradually eliminate tyre blankets over the coming seasons, to help reduce electricity consumption and aid sustainability.

"The new 18-inch tyres are also more similar to the tyres used every day by ordinary motorists, which helps Pirelli to transfer Formula 1 technology onto the road car product."

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