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Wolff and Horner verbal spats 'raise tensions'

Wolff and Horner verbal spats 'raise tensions'

F1 News

Wolff and Horner verbal spats 'raise tensions'

Wolff and Horner verbal spats 'raise tensions'

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has insisted there is nothing personal in his verbal spats with Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff but they do 'raise tension'.

The duo became embroiled in another exchange in the build-up to and across the Mexico City Grand Prix weekend, with Wolff suggesting Horner was "an actor in a pantomime", and the latter responding by saying the Austrian was the "pantomime dame".

The off-track war-of-words between the duo this season added to the drama on track involving their drivers Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, with the Duchman now holding a 19-point lead over the seven-time champion following his win in Mexico.

Asked whether the sparring had risen from friendly banter to a more personal level, Horner said: "No, not really. It's about what happens on track.

"It's a competitive business, it's competitive on and off track, and there's an awful lot going on off-track as well as on it, so that only raises tensions.

"It's all part of the jousting isn't it, part of Formula 1."

Horner also made clear there was nothing personal from an Austrian perspective either given Red Bull is headquartered in the country and Wolff is a native.

"Not at all," insisted Horner. "There's nothing personal or exclusive to it, that's for certain."

Wolff also feels the battle with Horner adds another dimension to the show.

“The rivalry between the teams and the individuals is good for the narrative of the sport and obviously, everybody wants to see that rising to the pinnacle of that rivalry and racing each other," said Wolff.

“We are very different people. I am more trying to concentrate on what is important without thinking too much about how I want to be perceived by the outside world.

"Maybe that makes us different, but I very much respect his work as a team manager and he is adding to the show.”

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