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Which circuits should host an Invitational Grand Prix?

Which circuits should host an Invitational Grand Prix?

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Which circuits should host an Invitational Grand Prix?

Which circuits should host an Invitational Grand Prix?

The success of the recent Tuscan Grand Prix has prompted numerous calls from those within Formula 1 to suggest the prospect an Invitational Grand Prix each season.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was one such advocate as he said: "It is great that F1 are going to these different venues.

"We have some more coming up in Istanbul and Imola. It keeps up the competition for a place for one of the 22 slots on the calendar and I think it would be good to have some sort of invitation race once a year to take in these different tracks."

So excluding the tracks included in this year's schedule, which circuits might also be candidates to host a grand prix if the idea was entertained in the future?

5 - Moscow Raceway


5 - Moscow Raceway

Located 60 miles from the capital, Moscow Raceway is a strong contender to join a rotational calendar. It was purpose-built in order to entice F1 to the circuit, so has more than sufficient facilities to host a race.

There is a flowing midsection before a long back-straight into the final hairpin which would provide overtaking opportunities. It also holds an all-important FIA Grade One track license.

The block to a potential event here would be the existing race at Sochi, whilst that middle sector more resembles a go-kart circuit, so would be a second Hungaroring.

4 - Kyalami

A return to Africa would be fantastic news for F1 in order to make a true world championship. Kyalami carries the same historical aspect that Imola and the Nürburgring have experienced this season.

The layout of the South African circuit provides a high-speed challenge for drivers. However, much like Zandvoort is expected to be, the fast sweeping corners should lend more to an enthralling qualifying session over excitement in the race.

Another stumbling block is the fact the circuit only holds a Grade Two license, so would have to be upgraded in order to host a race. It is also not the same track as the Kyalami once revered by the drivers of old. It would still be great fun though.

3 - Road America

Road America is, quite simply, a 4-mile challenge. Long straights and heavy braking zones lead to some fantastically exciting action, whilst the tail end of the lap through the carousel, the kink and Canada corner would surely be a spectacle to behold in the current generation of F1 cars.

But in truth, a race here would never be viable as insufficient facilities and a lot of work to improve safety means a Grade One license is a fair way off.

Add to that the fact the venue is out in the sticks - Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin - then Road America will not suit the championship. A shame because it would probably slot into the top five circuits on the current calendar anyway.

2 - Kymi Ring

Picture this. Kimi Raikkonen remains at Alfa Romeo for the 2021 season, his swansong year; Valtteri Bottas is leading the F1 world championship, and the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided enough to allow a large cohort of fans to attend races.

Then take the circus to the brand new Kymi Ring for Finnish fans to go absolutely bananas for their two drivers as they do all around the world and the sport would be onto a winner.

The track itself is built into a valley, so comes complete with undulations, a mixture of off-and-on camber corners. The facilities have been given a Grade One license so all is good on that front too.

The only worry would be, like Kyalami, the circuit could lend itself more to Saturday entertainment.

1 - Sepang

Arguably the best circuit in the world not currently on the Formula 1 calendar, Sepang in Malaysia last hosted a race in 2017.

With the long double-straight complex to start and finish the lap, the undulating, sweeping mid-sector and the amazing left-right flick in the final sector, the circuit just 28 miles from Kuala Lumpur tended to provide fans with a spectacle throughout race weekends.

Had it not been for the financial aspect of hosting, we would still be watching the drivers and teams battling it out at Sepang which is a huge shame.

The only glaring issue, which speaks volumes as to the circuit's calibre, is that if the race isn't a dry one, it is in danger of being washed out due to the tropical nature of the rain there.

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