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Schumacher blames Vettel for Leclerc crash

Schumacher blames Vettel for Leclerc crash

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Schumacher blames Vettel for Leclerc crash

Schumacher blames Vettel for Leclerc crash

Ralf Schumacher believes Sebastian Vettel was chiefly to blame for the collision with Charles Leclerc at the Brazilian Grand Prix, but says Ferrari must focus on mending the damaged relationship between the drivers.

Ferrari were left to lament a first double DNF since the 2017 Singapore GP when Vettel and Leclerc collided on the back straight at Interlagos in a battle for fourth place.

Both drivers quickly denied culpability, although most onlookers in the aftermath pointed to Vettel nudging across the track after edging ahead of Leclerc into the next corner.

Schumacher understood Vettel's intentions, but said he would have to hold his hands up and accept the blame for the incident, with both drivers summoned to Maranello for explanations by team principal Mattia Binotto.

"It was very close and exciting between the two up to the collision," said Sky Germany analyst Schumacher.

"Sebastian probably expected Charles to be further away, but of course he also wanted to close the line a bit for the next corner, so that his opponent cannot counter inside. And then it happened.

"Therefore, I would say: If you can speak of a guilt at all, then that is more likely with Sebastian, logically. But the bigger problem than the crash is now the relationship between the two teammates. It will be a huge task for the team."

Although Schumacher pinned the blame on Vettel, he backed the stewards' decision to take no further action over the incident.

"It's something that happened inside the team, and Ferrari was punished enough," he said.

"What happened there, that was also no real intention. And I already believe Sebastian when he says he assumed that he was already past Leclerc. He just wanted to lie inside for the next corner, so that no counterattack can come."

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