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Verstappen snipes at Ricciardo's Renault move

Verstappen snipes at Ricciardo's Renault move

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Verstappen snipes at Ricciardo's Renault move

Verstappen snipes at Ricciardo's Renault move

Max Verstappen has poured scorn on Daniel Ricciardo's decision to leave Red Bull for Renault, suggesting he would have been better served by being "patient" and waiting for his current employers to deliver a car capable of winning races and championships.

Ricciardo sparked a wild summer break of driver moves by confirming he will depart Red Bull after a decade under their tutelage next year.

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has already said Ricciardo is unlikely to win a race in 2019, but is confident that the title will be a possibility just two years later.

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Red Bull will take the plunge with Honda next year after growing tired of Renault's inability to catch Mercedes and Ferrari, perhaps putting Verstappen's own grand prix prospects at risk.

However, the Dutchman is confident that he will remain in the hunt - something he does not appear to predict for Ricciardo and Renault.

He said: "Of course everybody has moments in their career where you're frustrated or you're not happy with the current situation.

"I think everybody here wants to win races or wants to win championships but sometimes it's not like that and you have to really be patient and work hard for it.

"Sometimes you need the whole package to come together and that's what Red Bull is working on at the moment and I'm confident that they can deliver a car which is capable of winning every race.

"We just need the whole package and we're working towards that so that's why it was also a little bit of a surprise for me that he left.

"If it is a change of scenery, I'm not sure if it's the best scenery to go to..."

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