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Nude Christmas gift sparks hilarious exchange between F1 drivers

Nude Christmas gift sparks hilarious exchange between F1 drivers

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Nude Christmas gift sparks hilarious exchange between F1 drivers

Nude Christmas gift sparks hilarious exchange between F1 drivers

Zhou Guanyu and Charles Leclerc shared a hilarious exchange in F1’s annual Secret Santa.

Ferrari's Leclerc was drawn to buy a present for the Alfa Romeo driver and he gifted him with his team-mate’s ‘Bottass’ calendar.

The iconic calendar was created by Valtteri Bottas to raise money for charity, which features pictures of his nude backside and raised $150,000 for the cause.

And the calendar ended up in the hands of his team-mate in what was a comical exchange.

Charles Leclerc gifted Zhou Guanyu his team-mate's iconic nude calendar
Zhou couldn't help but laugh as he revealed he already has the calendar

Zhou and Leclerc's hilarious Secret Santa exchange

When it came to Zhou’s turn to open his gift in F1’s Secret Santa, the Chinese driver almost knew immediately what was wrapped up inside his present.

He said: “That feels like… it’s not a calendar is it? Because it feels similar to my team-mate’s ‘Bottass’ calendar but I know it’s not from him so let’s see.”

And sure enough, it was the ‘Bottass’ calendar and he couldn’t help but laugh as he tried to work out who gave him the gift, whilst also pointing out that he actually already had a copy of it.

“Who gave me that then? I hope it’s from Valtteri because there’s only one guy [who] has these calendars,” said Zhou.

“Who gave me that? I have like two calendars of ‘Bottass’ now. I don’t know, who does he give to? Does he give to anyone? Lando? I don’t know?”

After finding out it was Leclerc, he said: “Really? But where did he receive that? Anyway, thanks Charles, for sending me Valtteri’s ass!”

After the rest of the grid had opened their presents from each other, the video cut back to Zhou attempting to return it to the sender.

The two sent the gift back and forth in what was a hilarious echange

“Can I sign it and give it back to him? I think he needs that more than me! I actually have one already.”

He proceeded to draw a stickman with the speech bubble ‘enjoy the asses!’ before signing it, and Leclerc was far from pleased to receive his present back.

“I am really disappointed, because the gift that I had gifted initially to Zhou has came back to me,” said the Monegasque driver.

“I really hope it won’t come back to me one more time. I will be very offended because this is a beautiful gift. He knows Valtteri very well and he will know Valtteri even better with my gift. Zhou please accept my present!”

Leclerc then wrote a message on the same page as Zhou’s drawing and sends it back, where he finally accepts his Secret Santa gift.

He said: “I got it back! What does he say?

“Zhou, really this is for you. Please accept my exceptional gift! Happy New Year! Charles Leclerc.’ I’ll take that, thank you Charles.”

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