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What the world of F1 WANTS for Christmas

What the world of F1 WANTS for Christmas

What the world of F1 WANTS for Christmas

What the world of F1 WANTS for Christmas

It really is the most wonderful time of year – unless you are an F1 fan. The off-season stretches ahead of us all, with a total dearth of racing action. And it’s going to be a good two months before we get much of a sniff as to what the cars look like next year. So, however are we all to cope?

Well, with Christmas around the corner and Santa busy in his workshop making sure we all get everything we wished for... Here at GPFans, we thought perhaps it was time to compile a list for the old man to work on from the world of F1.

So, without any further ado, here’s what we’d very much like the F1 world to get for Christmas.

An Alonso win

Fernando Alonso hasn't won in F1 for over a decade

You know you want to see it. Everyone was so excited at the start of the 2023 season when Aston Martin actually produced a decent car, and Fernando Alonso went on that streak of podiums in the early races.

Alas, it wasn’t to be, and the Spaniard remains without a win since he tasted victory on home soil in Barcelona back in 2013. Could that change in 2024? Maybe if we ask Santa really, really nicely...

A competitive Ferrari

Charles Leclerc did not manage a single win this season

Let’s face it – Charles Leclerc deserves a competitive car next time around. Yes, the Ferrari was the only car to get the better of the mighty Red Bull in 2023, but that was at one race and other than that, the Scuderia spent much of the year battling all sorts of issues.

Leclerc and Carlos Sainz remain on friendly terms, but just imagine the sparks that might fly if they find themselves in a championship-winning car. Not to mention Max Verstappen having to get his elbows out and do some wheel-to-wheel racing.

Ricciardo back in a big seat

Daniel Ricciardo made a shock return to F1 midway through the season

This one might not please the Sergio Perez fans, but an awful lot of people want to see what Daniel Ricciardo can do in a Red Bull. If rumours of his testing pace were true – and that’s what catapulted him into the AlphaTauri after all – then he hasn’t lost much of what made him such a brilliant driver in the first place.

With renewed confidence and that huge smile plastered back on his face, Ricciardo is clearly loving life again. And wouldn’t he love it just that little bit more if he was in the RB20?

A British winner

Neither Lando Norris nor Lewis Hamilton managed to win in 2023

The season just gone was the first time since 1952 that the British anthem didn’t get played on the podium. So, if Santa could change that for next year, that would be grand.

We aren’t even fussy about who wins. Lando Norris grabbing a maiden victory would be fun to watch, as would a Lewis Hamilton resurgence. George Russell can get in on the act too if he wants. Just as long as someone different gets to stand on the top step of the rostrum, even if it’s only one race.

No more Bott-Ass

Valtteri Bottas has had somewhat of a personality shift since leaving Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas’ late career character makeover has been highly enjoyable to watch. The giant, eighties style moustache, the hilarious helmet designs, the mullet. All the ingredients are there for entertainment, and the Finn normally delivers some great one-liners whenever a microphone is popped under that bristly lip tickler.

We are also all for supporting charity, but if Bottas could find a way to do so that didn’t involve 12 images of his naked posterior we would be really grateful. As would the rest of the drivers, many of whom are now working out where to hang their photos of his rather rosy cheeks. Secret Santa not being quite so secret this year after all.

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