Warhol art and Prince's guitar - how Lewis Hamilton spends his money

Thuesday, 14 november 2017, 06:39 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton has a personal wealth thought to be in the region of £131m, thanks to his current contract with Mercedes, plus a host of endorsement deals with brands such as Monster Energy, Bose and Bombardier? but how does the world champion spend his money? 

We wrote about how Hamilton's earning are broken down across his current three-year deal with Mercedes as well as his long list of endorsements.

After earning all that cash, Hamilton's lifestyle includes supercars and lavish items for his own personal art collection.


Hamilton in 2011 spent £61k at auction to purchase the late singer-songwriter's coveted gold Fender Stratocaster (above)


Hamilton spent in the region of £20m for his new red jet in 2013. However, Hamilton has came under particular scrutiny recently for his usage of the jet for private use, despite receiving a UK VAT refund of £3.3m, linked to its use as a commercial operation.


Hamilton is a huge fan of Andy Warhol and is looking to grow his art collection. This image is of the Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe; the world champion showcased a version hanging from a gold chain in the pitlane in 2014.


Hamilton has a vested interest in a hotel development on the island of Grenada. The full complex is thought to be worth £25m and we set up by Hamilton's advisors as part of an investment strategy for the driver. 


No rich person's collection of assets can be complete without a fleet of supercars, and Hamilton is no different. He has a number of spectacular models in his collection, ranging from the blistering Pagani Zonda (pictured) to the £2m Mercedes he purchased for him and also his father!

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