'Ferrari should have signed Verstappen'

Thuesday, 14 november 2017, 04:40

Ferrari have made a mistake in not signing Max Verstappen, according to former Renault boss, Flavio Briatore.

The young Dutchman is considered to be one of the most promising Formula 1 driving prospects in recent years and became the youngest ever Grand Prix winner in 2016 when he claimed the chequered flag at the Spain GP.

Verstappen recently signed a new contract with Red Bull while Ferrari opted to retain veteran driver Kimi Raikkonen for the 2018 season - a decision which Briatore believes is a mistake.

"With Raikkonen you will never win the constructors' title," the 67-year-old Rai Radio.

"To win you need two good drivers, and Ferrari does not have that.

"I would sign Verstappen with my eyes closed. He is the only real driver that people want to see - a gladiator that they do everything to penalise in every race."

This season overall belonged to Lewis Hamilton as the Englishman claimed 2018 F1 championship in Mexico with two GPs to spare, whilst also putting in a heroic effort in the Brazil GP when he made up 16 places to finish fourth after starting in the pitlane.

As well as criticising Ferrari for not recruiting Verstappen, Briatore did reserve some praise for Hamilton's year, suggesting he was now more focused on his career than his celebrity status.

He added: "This year he was more motivated on the track than in the disco."

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Comments (40)

  • Xavier Capela
    They have, but frankly, they don't really need Verstappen, Kimi is a reliable number 2 and he knows it, Verstappen wouldn't settle for number 2 and everyone knows it, Ferrari would never win a WDC with Vettel and Max in the same team, not with Mercedes with a team like they have, but they sure had a bigger chance of winning constructors.
  • Claus Jørgensen
    Ferrari has 2 very good drivers and the potential to have both the drivers and construtors titles they just need to get both drivers a fair shot.........1 to win and the other to support its a win win .......kimi is the best no2 driver and he knows it and what needs to be done............so now it up to you Ferrari its not to late
  • Alexander King
    Max went to the right team... best engineer and car designer is on the Red Bull team. He has a better chance there at red bull than with Ferrari. It takes a very special person to commit to Ferrari it wont be a over night change to go from #2 to #1team.
  • Goran Musinovic
    Vettel will win the Championship next year so long as Ferrari is close to Mercedes in performance. He has a point to prove next year. In many ways, he lost the championship with a couple of dumb decisions.
  • Ian Miles
    Ferrari do not have a history of signing very young drivers. Though Kimi is very much past his sell by date. It suits them to have a clear No 1 and No 2?
  • Martin Hossell
    No! They are waiting for Vettel to retire, then they will call up Verstappen. Would get too complicated for them if they had 2 drivers that were good as each other
  • Darren Spiteri
    Riccardo his the man, iam sure his life long dream would of been to race for ferrari and his italian so if the shoe fits, not rocket science.
  • Gabriel Spacca
    “He added: "This year he was more motivated on the track than in the disco.”” Really? Geez he must have really flaffed about in the past then.
  • Marlene Schade
    Who cares what he says. Verstappen is arrogant and immature and dangerous on track. The Kimster has a number of DNFs because of the car.
  • Jason Kleinig
    Had this discussion at work and we reckon Vettel would have it in his contract that Verstappen not be his team mate as they purely don’t get along!
  • Antonio Basilio
    Ferrari wanted to sign Kimi for 1 year because for 2019 they'll have Leclerc for free instead of paying millions for Verstappen.
  • Adam Hepworth
    Ferrari don't want someone that thinks they're bigger than the team. Hence why they dumped Alonso in favour of Vettel.
  • Ilian Blagoev
    They would've had some double crashing outs of both their cars and conciliatory meetings during the season.
  • Dave Freeman
    Verstappen's a brat and Vettel's a cry baby. Can't put them two together... just wouldn't work
  • Shadi Lyamouri
    They already have vettel so why would you want verstappen at the same time
  • Matt Dingman
    If they signed him, they’d lose me as a fan lol! Should’ve signed Hulkenberg
  • Lee Avery
    Max has a long career ahead of him, plenty of time to race for the Scuderia...
  • Maureen Copson
    Verstappen would not fit in with Ferrari !! He wouldn't tow the line unlike Kimi !!!
  • Rudy Cloon
    no, he needs a few more years ofseasoning before he's ready
  • Ian Barrett
    By not having a replacement for Kimi they have made a mistake.
  • Fady Elias Roukos
    Let them play before mike schumacher junior come to the F1
  • Mervyn Keown
    Verstappen no thanks we have Vettel and Raikonin the best
  • Peggy Hamner Willenberg
    Vettel and Verstappen on the same team? They would kill each other.
  • Peter Wery
    Ferrari has 1 crybaby and 1 angry Fin
  • Pat Moxworthy
    Sour grapes Peter Wery maybe
  • Bobby Bass
    How many DNFs has he accumulated? Hmmm...
  • Graeme McCracken
    Didn’t vettel have a say on kimi staying?
  • Rina Sulardi
    Briatore shouldve shut the fuck up
  • Dave Beer
    They dodged a bullet
  • Moamen Ahmad
  • Daniel Vernon
    Ricciardo will be at Ferrari.
  • Stuart Williamson
    give leclerc a shot.
  • Mary Ebbs
    Plenty of time!
  • Henk Poolen
    Jes they have
  • Astrid Scheltema
    Ow please no
  • Kakha Khmelidze
    Exactly they should

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