F1 CEO: We don't want to be NASCAR

Monday, 13 november 2017, 11:17

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has reiterated his desire to keep the action on the race track as exciting as possible and insists that despite upcoming car changes, 'we do not plan to be NASCAR.'

Carey was reacting to negative responses to proposed car changes in 2018, which involved decreasing the number of available engines from four to three, and to introduce the Halo, the latter the recipient of some vitriol from fans. 

Lewis Hamilton has been outspoken this week about the challenges the drivers will face next year, warning that F1 could be 'turning into NASCAR'.

But Carey responded with a clear message - F1 is not, and never will be, NASCAR.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, he claimed: "I don't want to play NASCAR globally.

"I don't think we have a differing view to Ferrari. I'm not trying to be derogatory towards NASCAR, but we don't plan to be NASCAR either. We all want the teams who have the ability to do what they do, to create cars that are unique to them - unique engines, unique bodies."

Carey also admitted, however, that the current excitement level needs assessment and that it's his ambition to return the thrills back to a sport that has been lacking in them in recent years. 

"Right now, the action on the track could be better. We've got a sport that lives on shock and awe. We've got to make sure shock and awe is about sound, power, speed."

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Comments (30)

  • Justin Regan
    Its a balancing act, please the crowds and bring back the V8/V10/V12 era, but lose Renault and Mercedes in the process. Also they want to tap into the US market, so they need to appeal to the US motor racing fan (a lot like NASCAR). A perfect world would see a V10, no limits regarding fuel flow and more engine suppliers but I think that's an impossible dream.
  • Wayne Smith
    You want to make F1 more exciting? Go back to the V-12. Right now, the most exciting thing about an F1 weekend is qualifying. Unless there's a wreck, after the first two laps, you already know who's going to win. No one wants to see the exciting passes for 12th.
  • Greg Nelson
    I will when they stop mandating every thing. Get rid of the engine mandated designs, allow any number of cylinders and design, if you want to limit something, limit fuel consumption only. Outlaw the million pieces fins, barge boards etc.
  • Bobby Bass
    NASCAR is more equally matched and competitive than this overpowered Mercedes/Ferrari/Red Bull show of power. Other teams can't come close to a podium and good drivers only hope to land a seat in a better car.
  • Ian Miles
    As with most American companies, if it makes money he will do it. That often means making something into the lowest common denominator and simple. Much like Taylor Swifts songs.
  • Paul Robbie
    If the "razzamataz" you had at the USA GP this year is anything to go by then gawd help us! Go talk to BTCC or V8 Supercars and ask them what makes for close racing and listen to the fans.
  • Troy Cultice
    It's already NASCAR, whoever is out front in clean air wins. No passing all day. Want to make it interesting, invert the field
  • Matt Wenzel
    I sure hope not - NASCAR's attendance has been declining year over year for nearly a decade. Not something to emulate.
  • Jesse Welch
    ditch the turbos, go back to V10 / V12, no grid spot penalties, unlimited testing, as many engines and trans as you like.
  • Andrew Winder
    F1 needs the V10/V12 with the sound back and no turbos and get rid of hybrid crap we want reliable engines not v6 shit.
  • Michael Swales
    Make the cars drivable take away electronics back to gearshifts , clutches etc.
  • Nick Parkin
    Well FFS lets not have engine restrictions, more than one tyre supplier etc etc
  • Eli Hams
    I thought things were good in the mid 2000's why can we just go back lol
  • Nels Brown
    Not sure he's believable. That Halo device HAS to go ... hell DRS has to go.
  • Lee Avery
    Cut back on the aero, take the cars back a decade or so.
  • Boris Boomington
    But Chase Carey wants to look like Hercule Poirot.
  • Wullie Ormond
    Start with sorting out penalties, they are ridiculous.
  • Kenneth Colby Graves
    Oh you don't want 15+ lead changes a race.
  • Lo Gan
    Don’t believe him as far as I can throw him
  • Puddin Tane
    the motor racing equivalent of wwe is nascar
  • Steve Calvert
    Yes, but who cares.
  • John Maclennan
    That mustache though!
  • Gomi Addams
    Hercule Poirot?
  • Ted Reimann
    Good! Nor do we...
  • Kevin Kiepe
    Casey Kiepe
  • Pete Circenis
    Car has to look like a cigar
  • Jan Arreza
    Angela Duong
  • Emmanuel Gutierrez
    I hope so

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