Villeneuve: Bottas 'embarrassing' in Brazil

Monday, 13 november 2017, 06:02

Former F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve has offered a scathing assessment of Valtteri Bottas' Brazilian Grand Prix performance, branding his drive 'embarrassing'.

With Lewis Hamilton starting the race in the pitlane due to a crash in qualifying, Mercedes' hopes largely fell on the shoulders of the Finn, but despite starting in pole position he finished second behind Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari.

The vital moment for Bottas came in the first corner, as he allowed the German to beat him into the turn and was unable to get beyond the Ferrari for the rest of the race. Villeneuve didn't hold back in his criticism.

"It was a great drive from Vettel, he won it at the start," the Canadian told Autosport.

"He was aggressive.

"When you see what the Mercedes was capable of, you just have to look at Lewis and Bottas wasn't up to pace. It's embarrassing for Bottas."

Villeneuve went on to compare the team-mates and admitted that it was clear to see who was better following Hamilton's miraculous comeback from last position into fourth.

He added: "Lewis finished around three seconds behind him when he started from the pits.

"It's embarrassing. He simply is not on the pace of Hamilton. It's been like that all year. That's his level, which is a good number two."

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  • Bryan Roebuck
    "Miraculous comback" lol. I can't recall a single race where Hamilton started from the back and was not assisted by at least one safety car. Vettel's last drive through the field was considerably more impressive as he was stopped for a nose change while the other cars were still running, got a virtual safety car, and still finished 4th while Hamilton lumbered at the back of the field until he thought vettel might actually make it to p2.
  • Col Fernando
    Did he consider that Hamilton had his car pretty much unleashed to its full potential, whereas Botas did not? I thought Botas did a good job, ok, he screwed up the start with the clutch, but after that he kept position. By the second corner it a clear the Ferrari was faster, and Vettel is a far more a aggressive driver than Botas, so he uses ever inch of the track to gain time. I think the statement is I'll thought out.
  • Michael Haskey
    No matter what people think of villeneuve, he is making a good observation. Bottas may of finished 2nd but the performance of his Mercedes should of seen him 30 seconds up the road from Vettel. Bottas is lucky he has a contract with mercedes in his pocket for next year.
  • Doli Ete
    He's the worst no. 2 driver I've ever seen... with a car that dominating, he should have won by at least half a lap... yet he comes in 2ND... he did not loose to seb at turn one... he lost it in his kind before the race started... biggest disappointment of the year...
  • Matthew Fleming
    Let's not forget Hamilton had a new engine turned up to the max whereas Bottas did not. Over 71 laps at lapping roughly a second per lap quicker that's how Hamilton finished only 3 seconds behind.
  • Lee Avery
    Lewis had a new everything in his car though, he could wring it's neck quite happily, while i'm sure Bottas had to 'pace' himself to look after components.
  • Tim Barron
    Col Fernando.. it is a race... you should be driving to your full potential. Car and driver..anything less is well...second place it seems.
  • Mike Wolert
    This is the same guy that was booted from the Williams garage for talking shit about Lance Stroll. Go back to making crappy music Jaques.
  • Brian Andujar Perez
    Jacques ! Do you have something positive to say about any driver in the grid ? You should look at your own career before you talk.
  • Dawn Masterson
    Just plain rude. Bottas is a good driver, but Vettel is very aggressive this year and just went all out.
  • Hank Siarczynski
    Says the man who had two great seasons to start his career then went into the tank the next 9.
  • Gino Ferrara
    How many Races had Bottas on his engine? Lewis Nappilton had a brand new one. That's a lot in performance.
  • Ted Reimann
    Bog off Villeneuve! He did very well and better than you would have managed..,
  • James Wolford
    Hamilton couldn’t pass raikkonen, so how come it’s surprising Bottas didn’t pass vettel
  • Jonas Jonasson
    I am very disapointed with Bottas. I did expect him to win like Rosberg.
  • Erik Flynn
    What a Putz. It’s cute that he thinks his opinion counts.
  • Kenneth Colby Graves
    You know what else was embarrassing, Villeneuve's NASCAR career.
  • Eli Hams
    He is a hack just like every driver that comes from Canada.
  • Wayne Ritchie
    Does antone take any notice of Villeneuve.
  • Ana-marija Sever
    Antonio Neutron Spaji?
  • Melidion Dervishi
    Nelson Dervishi
  • Adithyakrishna Vh
    Arjun Bhat
  • Paul Brown
    Danny Ric ?
  • Lo Gan

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