Hamilton rallies Mercedes staff: 'Title number five is the ultimate goal'

Thuesday, 13 march 2018, 08:57 , by Martin Macdonald

During a visit to the Mercedes factory base in Brackley, Lewis Hamilton took time out to praise the employees of the Silver Arrows for their efforts in preparation for the 2018 F1 season, and rallied the troops with a cry of "title number five is the ultimate goal!"

Hamilton is a four-time world champion and going for his fifth title in 2018, while Mercedes are attempting to claim their fifth constructor's world championship in a row.

The Brit visited the Mercedes base yesterday, and spoke to the troops.

"When I come to the factory at the beginning of the year and see the car being designed and built in all these different areas, I am always fascinated," he said.

"The parts are brought together and make such a work of art. I am just amazed at what everyone is able to achieve and I can only say that it is the greatest feeling in the world when I get to that first test and get in the car.

"I feel incredibly blessed to be one of only two people to get to drive this machine."

Hamilton reserved particular praise for the motivation of the team which has not halted even with the past four years of success, and led cheers by insisting the goal is a fifth world title in a row for the Silver Arrows.

"Everyone's done an incredible job and I want them to know we'll be giving it everything going into the first race and hopefully get the best of the Bulls and Ferraris," the Brit added.

"It's really encouraging, being my sixth year with the team, to see how motivated everyone is.

"I think that's something we all have in common. Everyone's continuously pushing to better themselves, their work and take it to the next level.

"The unity I have seen develop at this team over the years, there is nothing like it. It is hands down the best team because we all work together, and that's really inspiring for me.

"I will give it everything this season, title number five is the ultimate goal. Let's go for it!"

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